Hong Kong Market is the best shopping location in Siliguri

Hong Kong Market or locally ‘Bidhan Market’ – the older name of the place , is a budget shopping destination for travellers as well as the people of Siliguri.If you have ‘one evening’ to be spent at Siliguri you can try exploring Hong Kong Market which although thought to be a ‘Chinese goods’ market but houses a variety of items ‘typical’ of Bengal including ‘Tant Sari’.

How to arrive in this Bazaar

At New Jalpaigudi Station you can catch an auto rikshaw to Hong Kong Market from the opposite side of this road

It even takes hardly takes 15-20 minutes by auto rickshaw from any hotel near New Jalpaigudi Station (also called NJP) to drop you to Hong Kong Market.Two things you must however keep in mind. First, do not call the market as ‘Hong Kong Market’ instead just say ‘Market’ else they will spot you as an ‘outsider’ and try to misguide you that ‘only fully reserved auto rickshaws’ will go to the place.Secondly , ’A fully reserved auto rickshaw’ will cost you around RS 150-200 but you can easily reach the same place in a shared auto rickshaw whose fare is just RS 10.

How the market looks from the Road Side

You can enter into this market from the lane between Sanchita Bastralaya and Swastika Dresses

When you get down from the auto rickshaw at the bazaar you will need to cross the road to find your way to the Hong Kong Market bazaar located on the other side of the road.There are several interconnected lanes in the market where shops fall on both sides of the road.The street market is bustling with visitors looking at goods displayed in shop windows.

How the market lanes Look like !

Hong Kong Market houses several street shops located on both sides of many lanes

At this market you can buy good quality and less expensive ladies handbags ,toys,blankets,artificial jewellery ,footwear items like slippers as well.In my view instead of buying a Nepalese clothing’s from Darjeeling markets you can buy it from here as it is more cheaper than Darjeeling Markets.Indian ethnic wear especially the ‘West Bengal’ traditional dresses can also be purchased from this market.

The market is a hub of imported electronic items  especially the ‘Chinese’ ones.They are low quality but quite cheaper as well.Electronic watches , shavers , perfumes , memory card , power banks , LED table lamps and other items of similar nature can be find in most of the shops in one particular lane.I found ’Laxmi Store’ shop no 1 in this market selling electronic stuffs at some reasonable price.

Open on Sundays

You can also enjoy Street food of Bengal along with the shopping activity

Hong Kong Market of Siliguri remains open on Sundays.The market opens in the after noon and I saw it open till evening around 8:30 PM.The biggest grey market in this region  falls on hill cart road.The best thing about this market is you can also enjoy Street food of Bengal along with the shopping activity.The market also has branded shops apart from the street shops.