ABCD2 Review – Indian masala film filled with energy

A movie based completely on people’s love for Dance, which has reached an absolutely level higher than the first part and the outcome is amazing. Directed by choreographer turned filmmaker Remo D Souza, the movie displays a treat to all those dance lovers who loves to dance; and for also too who love to watch dancing. It is also for people who want to glow in their life. It has a certain amount if inspirational factor to it. The movie is very realistic and it also has an adrenaline rush to it. Filled with some fire igniting uncherished dreams of many individuals who are talented but are not been recognised, ABCD 2 can be a treat to many.

 'ABCD 2' rakes in Rs 42 crore in its second week

ABCD2 starts with a beautiful peppy number “Happy Hour”. Our own version of Indian Michael Jackson “Prabhudheva” showing off some nice grooving moves that makes the audience jump on their seats at the start of the movie. Honestly saying who doesn’t want to see Prabhudheva dancing. His role in the movie was of a mentor. You will find a fresh lead couple Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Prabhudheva plays the same role of Vishnu Sir which he played in the prequel which was released in the year of 2013 ABCD (Any Body Can Dance).

The story showcases a team of underdog dancers who are highly talented and wanted to be guided by him so that they can achieve the dream of their lives by winning the International Hip Hop dancing festival in Las Vegas. But there is small twist which happens in the first part which makes the audience glued in their seats. The film is filled with glitter and action, but most importantly the dance sequences which has been shown they are mind blowing, fantastic and hugely worked upon.

Varun Dhawan sports a new hairstyle in ABCD2

The lead cast of the movie Varun Dhawan has come out of his flamboyant lover boy character and the cute and innocent type Shraddha has also evolved from her previous roles and did an exceptional job by picking up the pro-routines.

But keeping the audience in mind, the film is a typical Indian masala which is filled with desi-ness in form of dialogues. Moreover it has some action-packed scenes after the interval which is completed by lavishing costumes and some amazing tracks. The screenplay was done quite nicely by Vijay Arora as he shot one of the songs in the Grand Canyon, which was simply superb. Well there was a nice love chemistry between Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor which consisted less of drama and more on dancing. Well the movies is very much predictable by audience. But the screenplay will definitely win hearts of many.

The audience can literally feel that Director Remo D’Souza has spent so much time and money on the hard work and sweats in dance sequences and other stuffs that he has forgot to make a better story line. When the see the actors dancing so smoothly and amazingly you will get the hint how much hard work and sweat they have put into it. About the dancers in the movie who have started their career from scratch, they have justified their talents to the expectations of the audiences. And for sure it is a treat from them to watch on the big screens as we have mostly seen them on dance reality shows. In the movie the team is presented as the “Indian Stunners” who comes to Las Vegas to win this international hip hop competition. The costume designers have done a marvellous job in this movie along with the set designers. Well, overall it is a realistic movie that is filled with energy and laughter. It is good movie to watch with family and friends and especially for the people who love the art form of Dancing.