Drishyam – film review

Well if you have noticed the last week of very good for Indian Film industry. They have given some really good movies to watch like the most expensive and magical movie Bahubali, though it was dubbed film, but people did love the movie and praised it. And then the same magic was once again created by Salman Khan’s most awaited movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” which made some really awesome collection at box-office. And then comes Drishyam, well most people thought that it was one of those movies giving social message. But trust me guys, it will blow your mind and keep you on your seat till the end of the movie.

Drishyam Review

The movie DRISHYAM is actually a remake of the Malayalam film having the same name and which has been directed by famous Jeethu Joshep and the film had the star cast which includes the famous southern Superstar Mohanlal and Meena in the lead. The very same film was made in Kannada named as DRISHYA with actors V.Ravichandran and Navya Nair in the lead. It was also made in Telugu as DRUSHYUM with Daggubati Venkatesh and Meena in the lead. The movie was recently made in Tamil and it was named as the PAPANASAM, which had the legendary actor Kamal Hassan and Gauthami. But the movie which is made in Hindi and named as DRISHYAM has leading actors Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Shriya Saran and Rajat Kapoor.

The movie starts by showing Vijay Salgaonkar (Ajay Devgan) waiting inside the police station in Goa. And then you will be taken into the flashback. Here you will find that Vijay Salgaonkar owns a cable connection business and by qualification he is “fourth standard failed”. He has very loving family, a beautiful wife played by Shriya Saran and two daughters. They were a happy family. But Ajay Devgan cannot see injustice happening in front of eyes. So there is a scene where Vijay Salgaonkar was having his tea in a local tea shop and saw an old couple waiting for Police Inspector Taode. This inspector was a corrupt officer and he was taking bribe to release the old couple’s son who he had illegally captured. Then Vijay suggested to file an OPCT against the bank. But when the corrupt officer comes to know about this, he targets Vijay to take him remand and torture him, but it was in vain. Then one fine day, his teenage daughter goes on a school excursion where there was this boy who was taunting her and made an MMS without the girls consent. When the boy goes on looking for the girl and when finally finds her, he shows the girl and MMS that he took while she was bathing. The moment the girl saw the MMS she was crying and asking the boy to delete it. But the boy was not at all interested in deleting rather he was interested in having some intimacy with the girl. And told the girl to meet him at backyard of her house at night. When the girl got home he told everything to her mother, and when the boy came to meet her, he was angry on seeing her mother also present there. Now both mother and daughter was begging to the boy to delete the MMS, but then the boy was now asking her mother to compromise. But then suddenly the girl pick up a rod and hits the boy head and on the spot the boy died.

Drishyam Still

And when Vijay comes home and sees that his whole house is messed up, first he was tensed and when he saw his family is scared and shivering to death. He asked what happened and then they told that the boy was blackmailing and the girl had no other option but to hit the boy with the rod. After listening all of this, he asked where they hid the body. And then he goes to dispose the boy’s car. But while disposing the corrupt officer just had a glance of Vijay riding the car. Then Vijay disposes the car in a banned coal mine where nobody goes which he had heard from his brother in law. Now when he comes home, his family tells that the boy was none other than the DIG’s son. Now there is launched a great search for the boy. But all was now pointing to Vijay Salgaonkar and his family. But the climax of the movie was really nail biting. So it is highly recommended for people to go and watch DRISHYAM.

Directed by Nishikanth Kamat, Both Ajay Devgon and Tabu paly a decent role. If you have not watched Kamal Hassan’s version of the film, we suggest you go and check it out this weekend.