Is Rajnikanth the No.1 superstar of India ?

Rajnikanth has delivered some of the biggest hits in Tamil film industry. He is the undisputed biggest star down south India. Most people hero-worship him in a big way. Some people even keep his photograph besides the photograph of their God and worship him everyday religiously.

As soon as the news of any new movie of Rajnikanth is doing the rounds, his fans support him in a major way. They worship, pray and fast for his the success of his new release.

Rajnikanth’s style of acting,mannerism, performing stunts and action is considered inimitable. He is kept at a pedestal next to God by the people of south India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Rajni’s Jokes

Rajnikanth in blockbuster - ROBOT

Many jokes on Rajnikanth are always famously discussed among the young and the old generation, but that actually is a mirror reflection of his popularity and hero-worshipping.

Jokes like: “When Rajnikanth does push-ups he isn’t lifting himself up, he pushes the earth down!” reflect his popularity among people.

This is what people actually assume. The stunts or action sequences he does surpasses what can happen practically in real life. Rajni does that with immense confidence on screen making the people believe what he does is actually happening.

Grip on the audience’s nerve

Rajnikanth knows well what his audiences love and the films he does usually revolves around them. Rajnikanth’s movies are all about ‘over-the-top-action’ and ‘running around the trees’ kind of romance. His movies have got all the elements to make them a super hit.

Rajnikant in his typical style.

With his latest release ‘Robot’ in Hindi and ‘Endhiran’ in Tamil, he has proved yet again that even at the age of 60 he is not willing to stop. He is still capable of doing all the action and romance and will make the audience glued to the seats. The most astonishing fact about the movie is that it has not only made it big down south but has done a huge collection in other parts of India too, proving Rajnikanth to be a true superstar.

Over the past few months, news is flooded with success stories and popularity of Endhiran/Robot even before the movie got released.

The success of the film has shaken and scared the big superstars of India like Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan. Rajnikanth has proven how popular he is, not only in southern parts of India, but throughout the country.

Poll Survey Popularity

According to recent survey saying “Who is the greatest Indian Superstar” done throughout the country, Rajnikanth won 86.41% votes followed by Shah Rukh Khan with just 7.61% votes, Amitabh Bachchan with 3.69% votes and Salman Khan at the last position with meager 2.74% votes. This survey declared undisputedly that Rajnikanth is the No.1 superstar of India.