Accuracy of astrological predictions – To believe or not ?

Astrological Predictions With Animals Astrology has always continued to fascinate most people. The whole concept of predictions, palmistry and numerology is something that holds interest of many people.

Some people do not believe in astrology and discard the predictions saying them to be wild guesses. Those who trust astrological predictions, base most of their important decisions on such predictions by their trustworthy astrologer.

No matter what number of people trust astrological predictions, their accuracy is always doubted and debated. Some discard astrology naming it pseudoscience whereas some consider it to be a valid science.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) tried estimating the validity and accuracy of the predictions made through astrology. It has been said that astrology is based on observation, calculations and conclusions according to spiritual ability of the astrologer. It is said that the predictions made by astrologer having high spiritual abilities would be able to make most predictions close to reality.

Astrological Predictions are based on effect of planets on humans. Astrology is 30 percent predictive, 27 percent diagnostic, 27 percent based on the nature of the person and his relations with other people and 5 percent decision making skills.

Different astrologers have varying logical senses and make predictions based on that. Hence a prediction made by one astrologer may vary from another astrologer. But again the variation must be minor as astrology is believed to be a science by them.

Astrologers say that the predictions made by them are based on certain ground rule principles in addition to their own logical and spiritual abilities.

They say the more an astrologer practices spirituality, the more expertise he/she will gain in making accurate predictions. It is not only about detecting the positions of the celestial bodies and doing calculations, it goes beyond that.

Connecting with the almighty and using their intuition helps them make predictions more confidently and accurately. The accuracy of date, place, and time of the birth of the person helps make more accurate predictions.

The astrologers believe that destiny has got a lot to do with spirituality and thus problems faced by a person can be eradicated through astrological and spiritual remedies. They however also say that the spiritual practice cannot be estimated accurately by any astrologer as it is never reflected in the charts; hence the remedies given by astrologers are not a sure shot way of overcoming the problem. They might or might not click with the person.

People believing in science mostly discard astrological predictions saying them to be superfluous but when the scientists and firm believers in science see the predictions coming out to be near to accuracy, it leaves them wondering what could be the reason behind it.

In a nutshell, the accuracy of astrological predictions has ever since been a subject of debate and a confirmed conclusion cannot be taken out firmly. It varies from person to person depending on their belief and experience with such predictions. It is just a matter of choice.