7 memorable foods you must eat in Delhi

The diverse range of food makes Delhi a connoisseur of cusines popular destination.It has been the capital of Mughal empire and Mughlai cuisine was born here.The food culture in Delhi is influenced by various cultures and historical aspects which the city has been a part of.

1 Karim’s Mughlai cuisines

Mughlai Chicken and Jehagiri Chicken is a populsr dish at Karim

Karim is the best place to find mughalai n kebab food at economical price in Delhi.I have dinner at this place couple of times and really appreciate the superb taste of the cuisines.The hotel was founded in 1913 by Haji Karimuddin with the idea of serving the royal food to the common man.The hotel has been ranked by Time magazine as one of the best hotels in Asia.

Tip !
  • The oldest Karim hotel is located just opposite to Jama Masjid , Old Delhi.
  • Do not forget to checkout chicken Jahangiri and chicken Noor Jehan dishes.
  • Carry cash to pay the bills as no cards are accepted.
  • The overcrowded atmosphere can turn you off !

2 Parathe@Parathe wali gali

Crispy parathe at Parathe Waali gali

Parathe wali gali aka the lane of paratha’s houses a number of dhabas which serve Paratha – a kind of fried Indian bread.You can find hundreds of hundreds of type of parathas stuffed with different Indian vegetables and masala’s which makes this place special.Ask anyone at the locality near Jama Masjid and they will direct you to the place.Out of half dozen paratha shops , three are the oldest and most famous ones – Pt Kanhaiyalal Durgaprasad Dixit (since 1875), Pt Dayanand Shivcharan (since1882). Pt Baburam Devidayal Paranthewale (since1886).

Tip !
  • The parathas are deep fried in oil so it may be a digestive issue for low oil seekers.

3 Jalebi Wala’s Jalebi

Jalebis of Delhi at Jalebiwala

The famous Jalebi Wala is one of the most famous places for jalebis in Delhi.For those who do not know Jalebi is an Indian sweet made of a coil of batter fried and steeped in syrup.The mouth watering jalebis here is prepared in pure desi ghee.Its crispy golden colour visibly looks awesome tastes real good !.The jalebis are bigger in size here as compared to other shops in Delhi.If you are sweet tooth , missing out an evening , at Jalebiwala in Delhi is simply unimaginable.

Tip !
  • Established in 1884 by Nemchand Jain , the shop still maintains cleanliness in an overcrowded surrounding.
  • Get down at the Chandni Chowk metro station and head over to Dariba Kalan Rd to reach the shop.

4 Sohanhalwa at Ghantewala

Sohanhalwa sweet at Ghantewala

Despite the competition in the field ,Ghantewala of old Delhi has been able to retain its customers.The shop was established by Lala Sukh Lal Jain of Amer (Rajasthan) in 1790 when there was a rule of Mughals in India.Sohan halwa makes this shop a popular visitor’s attraction.It is prepared by boiling a mixture of water, sugar, milk and cornflour until it becomes solid.Saffron is added for flavouring.

Tip !
  • Depending upon the season and indian festivals the shop sells more than 50 different varieties of sweets.
  • Pista Loje,Badam Loje,Kashmiri mixture , Fenni Sweet are its other popular attraction in sweets.

5 Bedmi Puri Nagori-Halwa combo

Bedmi Puri and Nagori Halwa of Delhi

Bedmi Puri and Nagori-Halwa is a common brunch in Delhi dhabas but the one at Shiv Misthan Bhandar is quite famous.The shop is more than 75 years old and still finds attraction of visitors.It is located near bikanervala on the main chandni chowk road.It is to note that Nagori Halwa is not available at this place beyond the breakfast hours.

Tip !
  • You would be impressed by the size, taste, the texture of the bedmi puri which is also low on oil.

6 Giani di Hatti’s Rabdi ka Faluda

Rabdi Faaluda of Delhi

Head over to the iconic Giani di Hatti shop in old Delhi to find Rabdi ka faluda.You are guranteed to fall in love with the delicious and awesome taste of their faalud-rabdi.Cost of Rs70 for a huge glass of rabdi faaluda does not seems so expensive.The shop is located near kake di hatti in Chandni chowk area of Delhi.

7 Nirula’s Pizza

Delicious pizzas mith mustard sauce at Nirula's Delhi

In my view Nirula’s makes the best kind of pizza’s and has been able to maintain its reputation since its opening of first fast food restaurant in Delhi, in Connaught Place in 1977.There are other popular fast food restaurants for pizza in Connaught place as well like Chicago Pizza,Pizza Hut,Dominos and Eagle Boys but the way Nirula’s are different in my view is the crispiness of the crust.The typical mustard sauce they serve with pizza makes it delightful to enjoy.

Tip !
  • The people in Delhi had their first stint with Pizza at Nirula’s only.