Bahubali – The Beginning film review

Making a film is not an easy task rather it is very daunting task when you are making one of the most expensive and grandest film till date in the film fraternity. But this movie surely stands up to all of its exepctations. Bahubali directed by S.S.Rajmouli, has two parts. The film has casted some of the most talented actor like Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Tamanna Bhatia, Rana Daggubati and Ramya Krishnan.

Baahubali Scene

The story takes off by showing Sivagami (Ramya) carrying a baby in her arms and escaping from his kingdom into the mountains and falls, fighting with some army. In which she is heavily wounded and carries the baby in one hand sails across the heavy flowing river. When suddenly some tribal fishermen saw the baby and one of them dived into the river and saved the baby. But couldn’t save Sivagami as she was taken by river current. Now the baby was raised by the tribe and was named Sivudu. From his childhood it has shown in the film that he was very curious about what is above the Waterfall Mountains. He tries every time to reach at the top of the mountain but fails. Then seeing this his mom says not to go near the waterfall. But when Sivudu grows up in a young man he takes the Shiv Ling on his shoulder which makes his mom and father believes he is an avatar of Lord Shiva. One day while he was lying around the tree sheds near the waterfall he saw a mask that fell from the Waterfall Mountains. So Sivudu decides to go up the mountain to see what is there. And yes finally he reaches there, after reaching there he is mesmerized by the amazing world out there. And then comes his love interest Avanthika (Tamanna Bhatia), who plays the character of a master assassin from a rebel group who are ready to crush the reign of King Bhallala Deva ( Rana Daggubati).

The film has used some best CGI that has been never used in any Indian film industry. The visual effects are even compared to Hollywood’s some epic movies like the “the Lord of the Ring “series and “Harry Potter” series. The film is been planted in mythology but it has been showcased well enough showing defeat over evil. When Sivudu enters into the kingdom of Mahismathi, things started to get interesting. The first thing he does, is save hundreds of lives from being crushed under the statue of Bhallal Deva, by simply pulling of the rope.

That is when people see him doing this and shouts the name as Bahubali. And then a women in King’s kingdom is about to slaughtered when Sivudu comes and rescues the woman. And the whole army of the kingdom follows Sivudu along with chief of the army. But then Sivudu gets captured it is followed by some great fighting stances.

This is when Kattapa, the main fighter of Bhallaldeva, tries to catch traitor Shivudu. Just as Kattappa was about to chop Sivudu’s head off, he catches a glimpse of his face. Next, he surrendered his sword on Shivudu’s foot and started crying. And then Kattappa told Sivudu about his parents. As Kattappa starts telling the story, the film takes us on a flashback. It shows that once the kingdom of Mahishmati was looked after by Sivagami. In her presence two kids were born, one was her own and the other one was of the King of that Kingdom. But unfortunately the other one’s mother expired. So both of the kids were raised by Sivagami. These kids are called Bahubali and Bhallaldeva. But Sivagami’s husband was a cruel one and he wants to rule the kingdom by making his son King.

Baahubali Scene

Next we know the princes are all grown up, and are each competitors to the throne, with Bahubali being the crowds favourite. Next a king of some ferocious tribe challenges Mahishmati, then Sivagami’s husband proposes that out of the two prince whosoever wins the war will become the King of this kingdom. So as the both prince are getting ready for war, Prince Bhallala was given all the weapons and Prince Bahubali was given only some defensive weapons. But prince Bahubali had his presence of mind. Where he used tent covers soaked in flammable oil and destroyed most of the ferocious tribe. But when the tribe king was about to be killed, Prince Bahubali captures him first but was not ready to kill him yet. But then suddenly Prince Bhallala killed him. Next according to the proposal of Bijjaladeva, Sivagami announced Prince Bahubali as the King. But it shows in the last scene that Bahubali is been betrayed and killed by Kattappa. And that’s the end of the part 1.

So viewers who are reading this review, I will say just book your tickets and watch the film. It’s worth it. And to the makers we say please make the second part fast, we just can’t wait for it.