Bombay Velvet lacks Intensity

This is a movie you wanted to genuinely recommend. The movie is technically awesome with the actively specified production design, hot chemistry among the lead pair, and remarkable performances. Bombay Velvet opening quite well and splendid.

Inspired from the book Mumbai Fables, written by Gyan Prakash. The film shows the life of a street fighter named Johnny Balraj (Ranbir Kapoor) who is ambitious, aggressive and wants to be a big shot in no time. He falls for Rosie Nornonha (Anushka Sharma) a jazz singer. Johnny character in this movie is very edgy, he is a doubtful lover and human being. You will hate him sometimes but you will also feel sympathy for him with his circumstances. Meantime media tycoon (Karan Johar) sees the desperation in Johnny Balraj and uses his ambitious streak. He makes Johnny as his part, trains him to do all his dirty works. The best part of these two was the equation. Showcasing the vintage Bombay with mills, jazz singers and then it starts a tale of deception, betrayal, ambition and greed.

A still from Bombay Velvet

There is a lack of intensity in the story, and one of the other reason why the film didn’t stand up to the expectation was the second half as it was very downbeat. As we all know that Anurag Kashyap is one of the best but as there is lack of consistent pace, boring and simple dialogues making it not a standard. The film leaves us with many questions like Khambata’s sly maturity with Johnny’s not so good convincing. And most important, the finale in which you expect a good climax, it doesn’t happens what you expected to happen. The film shows us about the 1960’s era, where you can old Bollywood gangster movie and also Hollywood classics. Most of the viewers wanted the film to be more surprising.

Bombay Velvet could not get a good public response

But the superb music by Amit Trivedi held the viewers to their seats. The performances were really good. Ranbir Kapoor was awesome in playing the role of Johnny Balraj as he was ambitious, ruthless and vulnerable. But the only drawback was the street language which he was not able to sound proper. Anushka Sharma well played with her characters as Rosie Nornonha a jazz singer, the look was also fabulous. Well it was for the lead pairs Ranbir and Anushka, whose sizzling chemistry kept the audience on their story and seats. Whereas Karan Johar makes his debut in acting, comes with few surprises in his interesting character of Khambata. You can also see Satyadeep Mishra whose character displayed as an excellent friend of Johnny. But Kay Kay Menon made a great impact in the film though his role was quite limited.

Well it’s not that kind of Anurag Kashyap’ movie which you expected, but yes if you don’t see the film’s downbeats, then this old crime drama is worth a watch for its cinematography as it shows the old Bombay and powerful performances by Ranbir , Anushka, Karan and Kay Kay Menon.

Talking about the commercial success , the film was made with a budget of 120 crores but could only manage to collect 34 crores , thus , got included in the list of biggest flop movies bollywood in 2015.The 10%–20% cinema hall occupancy on very first itself day sealed fate of the film.