Taste ! Udaipur’s 9 Traditional Lip smacking recipes

The traditional lip-smacking dishes of Rajasthan are generally very spicy has abundant use of aromatic Indian spices , red chilies and ghee i.e. clarified butter.If you happen to be in Udaipur part of Rajasthan which is also called ‘Mewar Kingdom’ you can try these ‘typical’ Rajasthani food in the city.

1 Dal Baati Churma

Udaipur is also a place to enjoy the iconic Rajathani dish called 'Daal Baati Churma'

Dal Baati is a popular traditional Rajasthani dish consisting of mainly Uradh Dal (lentil) .It accompanies with balls of wheat bread called ‘Baati’dipped in pure ghee – a type of clarified butter.The Rajasthani delicacy which you can easily find in Udaipur is also commonly served at all festivities, marriages and other local get together events.

2 Gatte Ki Sabji

Gatte ki sabzi is another typical 'Rajasthani Dish' which you can trace in Udaipur

Gatte ki sabzi, another conventional dish in Rajasthani recipes.It is a type of spicy delicious curry made of gram flour as base ingredient.In this local delicacy ‘Gatta’ (plural : Gatte ) i.e. the cooked gram flour dumplings are added spicy curd gravy and is often served with a roti  making roti or any delicious Indian flat bread in lunch.

3 Makke Ki Roti

'Makke Ki Roti' aka flatbreads of maize flour is another traditional local dish available in Udaipur and other parts of Rajasthan

You can have another tasty food in Udaipur called ‘Makki Ki Roti’ – a kind of  Indian flatbread prepared with cornmeal.It is served with lots of butter along popular food combination with sarson ka saag .It is also popular recipe in another state of India called ‘Punjab’ but the Rajasthani version is different considering  use of chilies , chopped onion or grated radish.

4 Papad Ka Saag

Paapad Ka Saag/Sabji is another 'common' local recipe found in Udaipur

Papad Sabzi is a common strongly flavored aromatic Rajasthani dish which you can also taste in Udaipur.It is basically made from Paapad – a kind of thin, crisp, disc-shaped food made of lentils.

5Laal Maans/Laal Maas


Another very popular and unique garlic rich Rajasthani non veg dish from Udaipur is ‘Laal Maas’ i.e. red meat curry.The thick gravy meat recipe is prepared in sauce of curd , chilies and hot spices.This fiery Rajasthani meat curry is often served with ‘Roti’  (Indian bread made of wheat flour) or millet bread (‘Bajre’ ki Roti) which is a staple food of Rajasthan.

6 Khari Daal

Khadi Daal is a local lentil soup you can have in Udaipur

Khari Daal , unlike the other lentil soups in India , is made of whole lentil fried with extra onions and typical Rajasthani spices.The tomato-onion masala combined lentil has an aromatic flavor.It is commonly served with ‘Chapatti’.

7 Raab

The health drink made from pearl millet flour 'Raab' is a famous traditional drink

Raab is a kind of drink made of skimmed buttermilk and corn meal.It is a unique beverage you can only find in Rajasthan including  Udaipur .The beverage is also infused with ginger and ajwain seeds thought to strengthen the immune system to someone low on energy with a congested chest.It is a popular winter drink in the region.

8 Mithil Rabri


Another refreshing Sweet and digestion friendly delicacy in the town you can trace is the Rajasthani Rabri aka barley-yogurt drink is made from Millet flour and yogurt.The barley is mixed with buttermilk to make a thick sauce which is kept in the sun to ferment for about 3 to 4 hours and then cooked by boiling until the flour is cooked.Before serving  , It is chilled, garnished with cumin seed powder and green coriander.Sometimes, yogurt or buttermilk , cumin seeds and dry fruits are also used as a decoration.

9 Maave Ki Kulfi

Maava Kulfi is infact a Rajasthani flavour of condensed milk ice-cream you can enjoy in Udaipur

You can also have a taste of ‘Kulfi’ – a sweet delicacy which is flavor rich condensed milk ice-cream typically found in this part of India.The attractive food of Rajasthan which you can find in Udaipur as well has many varieties including the Maave Ki Kulfi which is rich in flavor with an irresistible texture and aroma.Cardamom , dry fruits and Kesar is sprinkled for garnish in this food.