5 Most Popular Lakes in Udaipur for tourists

In Udaipur there are many beautiful lakes which were constructed for storing rainwater for daily use purpose as well as for irrigation .

These lakes have , of late , became a popular attraction among tourists visiting the place.

Check out these lakes –

1 Dhebar Lake


Dhebar Lake is a 17th century lake made by Rana JaiSingh which receives its water from the Gomti, Jhamari, Rooparel and Bagaar rivers.This lake is 50 kms away from Udaipur.

All in total , there are seven small-big islands in this largest artificial lake of Rajasthan.

The biggest island is named Baba ka Bhakra and the 2nd biggest one is known as Piari.These islands are inhabited by tribes of Bhil Minas.

What to see !

The six interesting cenotaphs carved from marble on its embankment , wildlife sanctuary and the holy temple of Lord Shiva in the middle of the lake.

You can also enjoy boat ride which costs Rs 30-80 and open between 10 AM to 5 PM.

There are many state government and private bus service operators that run between Udaipur to Dhebar Lake.

2 Lake Pichola


Lake Pichola is a 14th century lake which was constructed by a nomad name ‘Pichu’ in the memory of his Oxe.

The famous Lake Palace and Lake Palace Garden are situated on islands of Pichola Lake.

The palace was also the place where Mughal emperor Shah Jahan took a refuge when he revolted from his father.

There is a platform near Lake called ‘Galki Natni Ka Chabutara’ constructed in the memory of her sad demise.

3 Fateh Sagar Lake


The ruler of Mewar , Jai Singh , originally constructed this sweet water lake in 1678 but later re-constructed in 1889 by Fateh Singh.

The largest island of this lake ‘ Nehru Park ‘ also happens to be a popular tourist spot.There is also a Solar Observatory on one of its island.

The park can be accessed by inboard motor boats.

4 UdaiSagar Lake


UdaiSagar Lake constructed by Maharana Udai SIngh on Berach river in 1559 is an less popular attraction of Udaipur.

You can take Local buses, Tongas, auto-rickshaws and taxis to reach Udai Sagar Lake.

The lake is situated 13 km from the city.The place has some food stalls , a jetty where the Boat trips can be undertaken and camel riding.option.

5 Rajsamand Lake


This lake over Gomati, Kelwa, and Tali rivers is located 66 kms to the north of Udaipur City.This lake will fall on your way to Kumbhalgarh fort.

The reservoir over this lake was constructed by Maharana JaiSingh in 1662 after a feminine.It is 7 km in length and 3 km width.

You can admire this lake for its  Marble arches , stone pavilions Chhatris decorated with intricate carvings.

Nau Chowki Pal is its famous attraction.

Besides lakes , palaces and havelis , Udaipur is also a popular shopping destination known for leather products , jewelery , paintings and handicrafts.

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