5 unexplored tourist destinations in Himachal to turn your vacation memorable

When it comes to travel, there are many factors that one needs to take care of. It includes the type of environment you want to spend your holiday, duration, etc. You need to determine the features you wish to enjoy on your vacation. If you are looking forward to a non-touristy, less commercialized and peaceful area, then this is the right place for you. There are so many interesting tourist spots to choose from. If you want a calm and serene environment and wish to feel yourself close to the nature, then Himachal Pradesh is the right place for you.

Have you already been to Himachal Pradesh once? If so, then of course you have not visited all the famous spots. There are so many places to visit in Himachal Pradesh that it is never possible to cover all of them in just a single trip. Read the post to know about some of the famous spots in Himachal Pradesh.

1 Pabbar Valley

Camping is a popular adventure sport in Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley is one of the famous spots in Himachal Pradesh. This is an enchanting location, isolated from the rush of the tourist crowds. You can enjoy amazing panoramic views in this place. If you love nature, then this is just an ideal location for you to visit. You can also enjoy hiking, walking and other activities. The dense forests and orchards can make you feel close to nature. You can also get to experience a wide range of entertaining activities such as fishing, trekking, camping, etc. Nowadays, paragliding and rafting is also gaining huge importance in Pabbar Valley. You must have heard about the popular names like Chansal, Karapather, Shelapani and Rohru pass, they all come under Pabbar Valley. So, before this destination becomes covered with the maddening rush of the tourists as well as high-end commercialization, it is suggested that you visit it in your next trip. There is no doubt, once you reach the destination, you will just love it.

2 Barot

Barot is getting popular among travellers looking for quiet hill station

Barot is one of the most enchanting places in Himachal Pradesh and worth visiting. This place has not yet become popular among the tourists. This awesome destination is dotted with thick cedar forests and amazing terraced fields. Tourist can also get to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. The Uhl River, located next to the Barot Village adds to the unique beauty of this place. So, if you are one among those, who love serenity and nature walks, then Barot village is the best choice. This spot is also a perfect option for backpackers or those who love to do angling.

3 Tirthan Valley

A scene from Tirthan Valley of Kullu

If you wish to experience nature in its truest and purest form, then you must visit the Tirthan Valley. This destination is located in the midst of nature, surrounded by the Great Himalayan National Park on all sides. This mesmerizing valley is located just beside the Tirthan River and the best place to rejuvenate and relax in the lap of nature. Visiting this valley during the season of spring can make your vacation memorable. Although one can visit this place at any time of the year, but during the spring season the beauty of this valley reaches a completely different height. The awesome views of the blooming colorful flowers magnify the beauty of the Tirthan Valley to a greater magnitude.

4 Chindi, Karsog Valley

Parashar Lake , Mandi

Chindi is again one of the famous tourist spots located in Himachal Pradesh. It offers a mesmerizing and inspiring beauty in the lap of Mother Nature. The place is not yet popular among tourists, but if you visit there, no doubt, the calmness and peace will carry you off. This spot is the perfect destination if you wish to relax, rejuvenate as well as spend time with your loved ones. You can get to experience hiking in the orchards as well as visit the temples around. Exploring the magnificent and beautiful temples is completely a different experience altogether. Just below the Chindi, there is the Karsog Valley that offers lush green and amazing mountain scape views. For couples, this is the perfect spot to spend time together amidst the beauty of the nature.

5 Daranghati

Daranghati Himachal

Daranghati, located above the Daran Village is known for being one of the unexplored and remotest passes in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. This destination is well-known for its wildlife sanctuary. Its mesmerizing beauty can leave you bewildered. If you wish to feel the nature in its purest form, then Daranghati is the ideal destination.

If you are looking to explore a village with less urbanization and more near to the nature ,Baragaon , near Shimla is also worth to visit.It is located on Kingal – Basantpur state highway which is substitute route for Kinnaur.Its a nice and beautiful village to witness the life and culture of Himachal.There is a mesmerizing river ‘Sutlez’ that flows nearby.You can also click some photographs of Sangri fort.

All these places can be visited within a single day if you are located in Delhi NCR region. So, even if you are planning for a short trip of 3-4 days, then Himachal Pradesh is worth visiting, especially the destinations mentioned above. The number of days it takes to reach these places depends on the location from where you are setting off.