Rainy season foods: Dishes Indians Enjoy Most!

Raindrops on your window panes remind you that monsoon is here! And the welcome change from the scorching heat is celebrated with typical rainy season foods.

The concept of comfort food is different in various regions. But then there are some must-haves, which we simply cannot miss during the rains.

Rainy season foods & States

Indian states have their own typical delicacy during Rainy Season

Bengalis When it comes to Bengali Foods, the people in the state have their share of khichuri during monsoon. This home-made dish of rice, pulses, and vegetables combined with hilsha fry is a delicacy that they will not miss for any other food in the world.

In Ahmadabad, the first rains will be welcomed with the selling of dal vadas. Dal vada or fried pulses balls are served with fried green chillies. Gujratis are known for their love of sweets and hot fried food.

In Maharashtra, the all-time favourite is vada pao, a combination of fried potato with locally made bread. A dollop of butter with the combination makes it a lip-smacking dish, one which you cannot ignore during the monsoons.

A Hot Steaming Tea

‘Chai’ or tea is also a famous beverage during the rainy season in India

Nothing beats a cup of hot steaming tea in the cool climate of monsoon. Whatever flavour you love, just brew it for a few minutes and sit beside the window to have a glimpse of the heavy downpour.

Some like it sweetened with extra milk and sugar, while others like it plain without milk. A cup of tea is definitely a must-have in the rainy season.

Soup with Chopped Garlic

Soup with chopped garlic
Soup with chopped garlic are healthier alternatives in rainy season

A little on the healthy side, but you must not miss the bowl of warm soup in the monsoons. If you add a bit of chopped garlic in the soup, it can do miracles for your throat.

It is said that one should have enough warm fluids to keep the body healthy during the cold. This bowl of warm soup will give you the much-needed warmth. It is wholesome food and will fill your stomach.

The EverGreen ‘Pakoras’

Pakora cuisine India
When its rains, pakoras instantly figure up in the minds of Indians

You cannot miss the pakoras in the rainy season! It is most popular among rainy season foods in India. For some, the monsoon is incomplete without pakoras or fried vegetables.

A cup of tea with a plate of your favourite pakoras is an unbeatable combination. Adding more creativity, try out the various kinds. Especially spinach pakoras, tomato pakora or the paneer pakoras!

Roasted Corn & rainy season

Corn (bhutta in Hindi) roasted on charcoal
Indians love to enjoy bhutta with chai in rainy season

Corn or bhutta can be your best friend during monsoon. Easy availability of this delicacy in monsoon makes it famous amidst the rainy season foods in India.

A roasted bhutta combined with a little wedge of lemon and salt is a real deal. In case you want to make it more palatable, you can simply take out the seeds from the corn and combine it with butter and pepper.

A cup of warm corn combined with butter, pepper and lemon is a tasty delight you cannot afford to miss.

Homemade Spicy Chaats!

Chaat is a popular savoury during the rainy season

This monsoon, you can just forget about your diet and indulge in a plate of chaat. The chaats served at roadside stalls can be a little tricky, although they taste wonderful. But to be on a safer side, you can prepare the spicy chaats at home.

You can prepare a lot of things at home like the Chola Tikki, the bhelpuri, and even the much-coveted paani puri. The joy of crunching these munchies can be a really boost during the rains.

Hot Samosas

Hot Samosa with chutney can make a rainy day for the Indians

A plate of hot samosa can be the best mood-lifter after a long day. This snack is an all-time favourite among Indians and when you combine it with the chutney of your choice, it is simply irresistible.

The hot samosas dipped in warm green chilli chutney or spicy tamarind simply makes your day.

Foods you should avoid

Our immunity takes a dip during monsoon. It is always better to avoid certain food items during monsoon which includes, juices especially if they are brought from outside.

Seafood can be a common cause of tummy upset. Prawns, crabs and sea fished should be avoided as monsoon is their breeding time.

Make sure that you are going for a fresh catch, even if you are buying one. Avoid any raw food during the rains.

Stay healthy and enjoy all the comfort food you want, but eat in moderation. Enjoy the rains with lip-smacking delights and feel the cool breeze on your face!