Discover! Best South Indian Dishes to taste on a trip to these food cities

Besides exploring new places, travelers like to taste the flavors of South Indian Dishes because they want to know about specialty food and beverages.

If you are also fond of eating and drinking and likely to visit the food destination of South India. Do not forget to check out these delicacies.

Mangalore Dishes

South Indian Dishes : Mangalorean Salmon

Mangalore is an excellent food place for travelers to South India. It offers outstanding vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes to connoisseurs of food.

The most famous South Indian nonvegetarian specialty food from Mangalore is the Coconut milk blended Salmon fish. The delicacy is Braised with Coconut Milk, spices and tangy vinegar.

Another Mangalorean cuisine from South India which is worth mentioning is – Neer Dosa. Neer dosa means water dosa and is prepared from rice batter in the region.

Dosa figures among the famous South Indian breakfast Dishes. However, Neer Dosa of Mangalore is quite different as it is made from just 3 ingredients – rice, salt, and water. For that matter, it is called ‘Neer’ i.e. water.

For nonveg dish seekers, Neer dosa can be well coupled with delicious fish curry or coconut sauce.

Ambur’s Biryani

A special type of Biryani ‘Ambur Biryani’ is famous South Indian delicacy

Ambur is a small town located in Tamil Nadu. The town falls between Chennai and Bangalore. It is almost synonymous for its typical South Indian Biryani cuisine.

The special Biryani is made from a kind of small basmati rice called seeraga samba. The rice makes the Ambur Biryani so delicious that people do not easily forget its taste.


Suleimani Chai – Typical South Indian beverage popular in Malabar region

Malabar region in South India falls between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. This south-west coastal part in India is located near Karnataka and Kerala.

The delicious food of this South Indian region attracts not only the tourists but also frequent visitors. The Malabar dishes mainly contain aromatic spices and coconut. 

Sulaimani chai – the Malabar spiced special tea is a famous beverage you must not forget to sip. Another famous dish here is Thalassery Biryani which is a very famous food of Kerala State.

Also, do not forget to have the aromatic & tastes delicious Rava laddu – a famous sweet of South India’s Malabar coastal area.


Boti Kebab is a popular dish of Hyderabad in India

The historic city of Nizam’s offers figures-licking delicacies typical of South India. Till today, the Mughal style of cooking influences

Hyderabadi Biryani happens to be one of the most acclaimed South Indian Dishes in this city. The use of excellent spices and innovative cooking style makes it popular among food seekers.

Other dishes like Halim and Boti Kebab are equally famous.


South Indian dishes of Coorg

The local dishes of Coorg are especially in earthen utensils. The Pandi curry and pork curry are the most famous commonly eaten with bread. People also have them with Kadambuttu (rice dumpling).

You can can enjoy the delicacies of Coorg a cup of coffee or tea .


The fried Prawns are popular in Chettinad

In the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state of India, you can taste some of the most unique and famous South Indian food.

Falling in Sivaganga district, Chettinad dishes are a popular dish all over India. Fish, Prawns, and chickens are cooked in a unique style in Chettinad.