6 reasons that makes Kerala a perfect holiday destination during Monsoon season

Spending your days in a metro during monsoon is no fun. With water-logging in the road, delayed traffic, humid weather and patchy clothes- monsoon can be pretty much tiresome and annoying if you are confined into the four-walls in a concrete jungle. But to experience the real magic of monsoon in its fullest bloom, head to Kerala. Every year, among the Indian states, Kerala is the first one to receive monsoon.

Most of us hesitate to travel during monsoon. Moreover if it’s a place like Kerala- with its numerous water bodies, thick forests and lush, green mountain-valleys. If you are firm in your decision- then rush to pack up your raincoat, umbrella, and boots with other luggage, and step out of your home- only then, exploring Kerala during full monsoon – won’t look like a distant dream anymore.And trust me ! If Pondicherry in monsoon is better , Kerala is the best travel.

checkout these six great reasons to book yourself with a ticket to Kerala- during monsoon

Kerala Travel in Rainy Season

1 To visit the lush greenery to soothe your eyes

Doctors always prescribe that looking out to greenery works as a therapy for tired eyes and it boosts better eyesight. Your sojourn in Kerala during monsoon can do wonders for your vision, if not anything else. With the arrival of monsoon- the backwater of Kerala swells, the mountains, the watersides or fields become plush with ripe fruits like bananas, pineapples; spices like cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, turmeric and herb like basil. A treat for sore eyes, even the pitter patter of rains will sound as world’s most beautiful rhythm, given you are sheltered above.

2 Because the itinerary expenses are cheaper during monsoon

Kerala is an expensive state to travel. In the booming season, sometimes visiting foreign countries like Thailand or Singapore are much cheaper in comparison to Kerala. Though the trend of coming to Kerala during monsoon is slowly picking up among travelers, it’s not the crashing trend right now.

You will get plenty of discounts in hotels, airlines and train fares if you going to Kerala. While in full season, the per room chare for a budget hotel oscillate between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000, during monsoon that rate is slashed at least by one-third percentage.If you are born-lucky, then you may get a comfortable room even in 50% discount rate.The most thrilling news is that the owners of popular backwater houseboats in Kerala, who otherwise snub you if you even speak the word’ bargain to them’ , become softer and more open in negotiation during rainy season.

3 It’s time to pamper your body and detoxify your system

Kerala’s ayurvedic massage is celebrated across the world. But it can be pretty costly too. During rains, even the auyrvedic massage services slash their prices, so it’s another great temptation to visit this state.If you have arthritis/asthma/insomnia or any such ailments, book yourself with a reputed ayurvedic spa or massage centre. And even if you are blessed with good health; the idea of indulging yourself with those medicinal and herbal massages that can work great on your skin, hair and overall well being, is too hard to resist.Been the sticky season it is, your skin will be more receptive to some essential oils and extricated from fresh medicinal/herbal plants that flourish with the first rain, there is no reason that you shouldn’t go gaga over it.

4 Raining on the Kovalam beach

Kovalam beach is one of the prettiest beaches in India and the best in Kerala. Though during monsoon, hanging around in the beach is an unconventional idea; if you have an adventurous streak inside then go for it. It feels almost surreal when the waves crash down on the beach, or to take a shelter under a coconut tree when it pours heavily. But if you get a sea-side hotel room, then sipping the steaming cardamom tea with a plate of fritter and enjoying the outside view from your window or veranda, will definitely take the cake.

5 To relish those simple, organic monsoon foods to flush out the toxins

High on ayurveda and therapeutic food, during monsoon, every traditional household in Kerala follows a diet with medicinal values. It is simple, subtle in taste and fully organic- thus guaranteeing to flush the toxins out of your body.From the thick rice soup in copper pot to glorious rice bran cakes folded in banana leaves, from sautéed fresh seafood to crispy dosa, various chutneys and cups after cups of steaming herbal tea or freshly grounded coffee- food can be the sole reason for your trip to Kerala during monsoon.

6 To take part in Onam- the biggest festival of Kerala

Onam is the harvest festival which takes place during the month of Aug-Sept in Kerala, to offer prayers to the homecoming of mythological king Mahabali. A ten days- long celebration, full with delicious traditional Keralite cuisine, music and dance, home-decorations and the exciting boat-race- visiting Kerala during Onam is one helluva of experience.


From the above six points, you will get a brief idea about the truckloads of enjoyment you can have in Kerala during monsoon. So plan your itinerary in advance, take a leave from your busy schedule in those patchy days and head towards Kerala. If you hate monsoon, then it’s the best way to change your perception.