Inside Chittorgarh fort– The Most important structures !


Chittorgarh is situated on the bank of Berach River and is known for its historical grandeur. Among the most famous forts of Rajasthan, ‘Mewar fort‘ borrows its name from the region in south-central part of Rajasthan i.e. ‘Mewar’.

In the Indian history books  there are abundant tales of Rajasthan’s Rajput clans bravery , courage and sacrifices attached to Chittorgarh fort. If this fort is seen in an aerial view the structure outline looks like a fish .

Also main tourist spots in the state , Chittorgarh Fort , stands atop a 180 metre high hill. It is one of the one largest  fort campus  vastly spread across 700 acres. The fort is a witness of the most violent attacks , bloodbath and sagas of Rajputana bravery.

Among Largest forts in India

Bheron Pole was the place where Jaimal sacrificed his life in order to save the fort from Mughals

Listed among the world heritage sites , Chittorgarh fort , is known is one of the largest fort of India . The fort complex is huge and spread in around 700 acres with 3 Kilometer in length and 13 Kilometer in radius.

Udaipur which is very famous for City Palace is another popular destination at a distance of 112 kilometers from Chittorgarh.

There are about 7 entrance doors to this mighty fort .These are Padan pole, Bheron pole,Hanuman pole,Ganesh pole ,Jorla pole,Lakshman pole and Ram pole. If you want to reach to this fort then you have to cross these seven entrance gate in succession and after that you will also have to cross Sun pole of the main door .

Palaces inside the fort


There are many Palaces and another creations established inside the fort . Rani Padmini palace , Rana Kumbha Palace and Fateh Prakash Palace are included in these wonderful creations .

Rani Padmini Palace has a very high historical significan inside this fort campus.According to the history  this popular queen had to perform self immolation (jauhar) to save her honour when muslim ruler , Alauddin Khilji, invaded and destroyed Chittorgarh fort in 1303.

Temples inside Chittorgarh fort

Among several beatiful temples inside the fort Meera Bai Temple is the most famous with a historical significance

There are many temples established inside the fort , in which Kalika temple , Jain temple , Ganesh temple , Mira Bai temple , Sammideshwara temple , Nil kanth Mahadev temple , and Kumbh Shyam temple are included . These all temples are the most famous for carved work .

According to a folklore it is said that bowl a full of poison sent for Princess Meera Bai in the name of holy water was miraculously changed to nectar in this temple.

Historical Towers inside the fort

 Vijay Stambh and Kriti Stambh are the two towers located inside Chittorgarh fort

There are two towers inside the fort named Vijay Stambh and Kriti Stambh .

Vijay Stambh tower was constructed by King Rana Kumbha in memory of his forces victory triumph over the combined army of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khilji.The 122 feet high victory structure and it has  157 steps winding along to go all the way to the top.The 22 metre high Keerti stambh tower was constructed by a merchant in the glory Jainism.