5 Biggest grey markets India

All the popular grey markets in India have one thing in common – you get an item at a much cheaper rate than what is printed. And although grey market goods don’t come with warranty papers that does not deter Indian’s from buying these goods.

You might be probably wondering as to why Grey Market goods are cheaper?

The reason is that the distributors buy the products from another country, where the price of the products is much cheaper than the residing country, hence the cost margin reduces greatly, which makes it easier to sell the products for the distributors at a much lower price than the original price tag.

Grey Market – Is it legal to buy stuffs?

Technically speaking, there is nothing wrong or illegal in selling legal products, the only thing illegal is the distribution channels through which the products make way to such market.

The authenticity of selling the products is much debated, which is often questioned by the copyright and distribution doctrines.

Popular offerings in grey market

Computer Accessories are one of the common most sold items in the grey market, otherwise cost so much to buy the authentic parts and software’s.

People usually find these markets a perfect location to buy, since the products are much cheaper. India is an emerging destination for such type of products and grey markets are ample in India.

Let’s take a look at famous Grey markets of India.

Famous Grey Markets in Indian Cities

1 Nehru Place, Delhi

Nehru Place is the biggest grey market in India

Delhi’s  biggest electronics market in India and a perfect city to buy computer accessories at much lower price.

Nehru Place, is a considered as a safe haven for buyers, who intend to get hands on products. While, the authenticity of the products sold is still questionable, it contains all the items that can be categorized in the computer department.

All the software’s from Adobe to Zebra can be seen in the market. While, many pirated contents often make way to the market, consumers will often be tricked into buying pirated products.

It is important to know the ideal shop that sells original products. Finding such shops can be difficult, since you are surrounded by lots of shops and identifying the real one can be a hassle.

However, a few references can help you in the right direction.

2 SP Road, Bangalore

SP Road of Bangalore

While you may be baited into buying a fake product, SP Road serves as a perfect grey market bangalore. It is also a popular destination for computer parts and software seekers.

One can easily buy the original products in the market.The Banglore’s famous market is housed with endless shops, which sells lots of computer accessories at first hand.

You will often be surprised to see the price tag of products. The Graphic card can cost you a lot less in such market. Any people thriving to upgrade their system, must head straight to local market. It is very famous market and there are many shops that sell original products.

However, care must be taken that whatever products you buy must be thoroughly checked and sealed, so the consumers can be ensured of its authenticity.

3 Lamington Road, Mumbai

Lamington road is also popular as a popular grey market.

The top grey market in mumbai, serves as a perfect place to buy computer accessories at much cheaper price.

The Lamington Road is quite a famous shopping place in Mumbai for computer geeks, who wish to buy some authentic and legal products at a lower price.

There is nothing illegal about the products, since the products sold are 100% original. It is a favorite place for consumers as many of them drive from nearby cities to get the products at much cheaper rates.

TheLamington road computer shops  sell original products at much discounted rates. There is nothing wrong in buying products at a lower price. You must take a stroll to the market to view the rush of the consumers gushing down the street to get hands on their products.

You can also get your hands on factory second products, which basically means that the products sold are new, but contains some minor physical damage.

4 Ritchie Street, Chennai

Ritchie Street is also crowned as a grey market of Chennai

It is the most popular grey market in Chennai.

Once you set foot on Ritchie Street, you will find an endless cluster of shops that sells pirated content and original products as well.

You will be amazed to see the variety of computer products in the market. With the influx of thousands of visitors every day, there are many shops that sell genuine products.

There aren’t all the shops that sell original products, but many of them often deals in authentic products. You can buy a product like Graphic Card with price difference of INR 1000-2000 in comparison with the original product.

With a huge difference in the price tag, anyone would be tempted to buy items at much lower price.

5 Madan Street, Kolkata

Madan Street which houses genuine electronic shops is also known as grey market among locals

You may be probably wandering off the streets of Kolkata and often you may come across Madan Street, which is a well-known Grey market for computer accessories.

There are many electronics shops in the market, which sell genuine products at much affordable rates. You will find these shops to be the answer of buying products at a lower price than the original tag.

Before buying any product, one must assure that the product is completely sealed and amounts to all the rights intended to come with the product. While, some shops do not provide any warranty to the products, their product is all genuine.

Grey Market’s legality remains doubtful

While, the legality of the Grey Market remains debatable, efforts throughout the world are being made to eradicate these grey market practices. Many companies and organizations are trying too cut these grey market as their profit margin is being cut off.

The dealers of the grey market sell the products at discounted price, cutting off the channel of the authorized dealers. By law, the products sold in such markets are legal and genuine, hence its authenticity cannot be questioned as well.

Irrespective of the efforts, Grey Market are flourishing at an alarming rate and people will continue to buy products from it. After all, there is nothing wrong in selling products at a lower price tag.