Best modeling agencies in India to get a right start

Indian Modeling industry has paved way for people of any age group to be a part of it. After years of struggle in the industry, models can now give themselves a try in this industry which is open to individuals of all age. As compared to traditional modelling days, the industry is now much more receptive to all people, whether young or old. This is because there is an increasing demand of models that can fit into different commercial requirements, and those who have the right talent and face to represent the brand, gets the job.

Modeling a few decades back was considered as a very odd job and though it was related to show biz, it didn’t have much good reputation then. People couldn’t consider enrolling their kids for modeling assignments back then because there wasn’t much information available, nor were there many reliable platforms. However, there were people who trusted their instincts and stepped into the world of modeling and television. There are many living examples of people from the Indian Film and Fashion Fraternity who started their careers very young, sustained it very well and are now legends. And the modelling agencies have played a very significant role in being the guiding force behind the success stories. Here are some of the chosen and trusted names-

Southcast, Mumbai

SouthCast seems to be the best modelling agency in Mumbai and India.

Southcast is a freelance professional modelling agency based in Mumbai, India and perhaps the best in city and India. The agency grooms and makes candidates industry ready for Bollywood and modelling careers. They also provide Indian and International models, actors, Bollywood and television celebrities at reasonable rates for photo-shoots, commercials, brand-endorsements and events. Southcast is a full-fledged casting agency that provides one with the accurate faces perfect for your projects. The talent database of the agency is vast and is not limited to just the web portal. Southcast has made casting an easy process for the modelling enthusiasts, even with their online casting services.

FACES, New Delhi

 Faces is one of the best modelling agency in Delhi

Backed by an extensive industry knowledge of more than a decade, FACES have developed expertise in offering services for fashion photographers, model management, fashion photographers Delhi, meeting the portfolio requirements of men, women and kids. These services of top modelling agencies, Delhi modelling agencies, Indian modelling agencies, leading modelling agencies also include Indian character portfolio (celebrity image) & client shoot, which are managed at both indoor and outdoor locations. When it comes to business and exposure, the agency offers customers with powerful resource and recipe for success. Our well established networking among business houses and corporates help us, in offering best possible exposure to the aspiring models as well as meet fresh face requirements of ad campaigns and associated media companies. FACES expertises in offering top fashion photographers, Indian fashion photographers, Delhi fashion photographers. Handled by experienced professionals, the wide range of services offered by FACES includes Model Coordination, Client Shoots, Celebrity Shoots, Ad Campaign Shoots, Portfolio Photography, and many more.

I Fashions, Bangalore

In Bangalore I Fashions is a popular modeling agency

I Fashions is a leading modelling and Fashion agency of Bangalore, that has been helping and guiding aspiring models for more than a decade now. I fashions is considered to be one of the leading agency in portfolio shoots, model management, model promotion, advertising shoots, website designing, and photo retouching. The agency has promoted more than 1000 models, amongst which many stood out to be successful celebrities today. I Fashions carry a database of more than 10,000 industry professionals that includes model coordinators, modelling agencies, casting directors, advertising agencies, production houses, fashion photographers, ad photographers, etc to promote aspiring models.

Kaalia International Modelling Agency, Bangalore

Kaalia International Modelling Agency is another ace modeling agencies in bangalore

Kaalia is one of the top modelling agencies in India that provides best model promotion, casting & portfolio shoots. The goal at Kaalia is to represent diversity and also to bring their unique style, story and background to the forefront of the entertainment/ fashion industry. The agency thrives to reproduce much more from hidden beauty, and makes it a mission to populate it within the bigger world. The agency is focussed to bringing the best of beauty, glam, excitement, and charisma. Their services include Print and fashion shows, roles for television and feature films, casting services, business-to-business services, photography, event marketing, and many more.

Crizaze Modelling and Advertising, Chennai

Crizaze is one of the top modelling agencies in Chennai

Crizaze is one of the most prominent modelling and advertising agency. Since its foundation in 2010 by an Engineering graduate Vimal Hari, Crizaze has earned its prestigious standing as an industry leader by providing full-spectrum model management for women, men, and children models, as well as other industry professionals such as photographer, makeup & hair stylist, and fashion stylist. In addition to agency location in Chennai, Crizaze maintains relationships with hundreds of local model management firms / coordinators in order to find and develop the next generation of talent. Model scouting and development initiatives also extend into national model searches produced in concert with strategic media partners utilizing the latest in information and social technologies. A distinctive professionalism and integrity, which imbues all aspects of client relations, moreover has allowed Crizaze to remain a pioneer in the dynamic and ever-changing fashion and beauty industries for over 6 years now.

Last but not the least !

The purpose of these modeling agencies is not just to prepare models on the basis of your looks , the sole purpose is to help them maximize their capability to portray different characters, perform according to their age ranges, and make the best out of their personality.

If you have dream of becoming a model – any kind of, it is necessary to know how you can start, who can help you and most importantly how to shape your career. A modeling agency can be your backbone and can help you manage your profession in this industry very well. So, if you are wondering how to become a model in India and have been contemplating about the role of an agency, we have just listed you some of the best name as an easy help.