Tanzanite – The Most Beautiful Gemstones In The World

Tanzanite is the most beautiful gemstone in the world and is often called the blue stone. It is a popular gemstone for jewelry because of its unique blue color. Tanzanite is a gemstone found in many different colors, but blue is the most common. Other tanzanite colors include green, purple, pink, yellow, orange, and red. The different colors of tanzanite stones are caused by the different amounts of chromium and nickel in the gemstone. 

Tanzanite is a color gemstone that comes in many different shades of blue. It has a deep blue color that is very violet in hue. This makes tanzanite one of the world’s rarest and most beautiful gemstones.  

Tanzanite is found in Tanzania. Tanzanite is a mineral and is formed from vanadium ore. The vanadium is what gives tanzanite its blue color. The vanadium ore is found in Tanzania and other parts of Africa. The demand for tanzanite is high, and straight blue tanzanite is the most desired. The deep hues and unrivaled blend make tanzanite gems very desirable. 

There are many reasons why Tanzanite gems are considered as the rarest gemstones in the world, and they are as follows:

  1. Tanzanite gems exhibit a pleochroic color, which means that they have different colors when viewed from different angles. 
  1. Tanzanite gems almost always exhibit a green or blue color, with a yellow or brown shade intermingling. This makes tanzanite gems very attractive to many people.  
  1. Tanzanite does change color depending on the light source. Tanzanite will turn a deep blue-violet in incandescent light but will shift towards a bluer hue in daylight. Blue-violet light is the most potent form of light that tanzanite can take and is considered the second color. 
  1. Tanzanite also shows a color change in warm and cold light. In warm light, tanzanite will shift towards a red hue, and in cold light, tanzanite will shift towards a blue hue. Tanzanite blue is the predominant color in both warm and cold light. 
  1. Deep violet hues are tanzanite’s signature colors, making it so special. The deep violet hues are unlike any other gemstone, making tanzanite a wonderful choice for a statement piece or jewelry. 
  1. Tanzanite is also a delicate lilac gemstone with undertones of vibrant deep blue, making it an attractive choice for those who want a gemstone that is both beautiful and mysterious.  
  1. Tanzanite comes in a wide range of colors, including deep violet, blue, violet-blue, light purple, and even yellow-green. 

For example, tanzanite can be deep violet when viewed from the top, violet-blue from the side, and the light purple from the front. Strong pleochroism is a rarity among gemstones and is what makes tanzanite so special. Tanzanite has a deep blue hue that is unique among gemstones. 

Some other beautiful & rarest gemstones in the world :-

The most eye-catching and rare gemstones are diamonds. These gems are found in many colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Red diamonds are the rarest and most beautiful of all diamonds. They are usually the size of a pea and are the most valuable. Carat is the unit of measurement for diamonds. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams. 

Mining them is a difficult task due to the high cost of diamonds. Similar red rubies are also a challenge to find. They are usually less valuable than diamonds, but they are still beautiful.  

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful gemstone mines in the United States. The Wah Mountains, located in the northwestern part of the state, is well-known for producing turquoise and other gemstones. Emerald miners in the state are also known for their fine-quality stones. Some areas in Utah are known for their high-quality gemstones, while other areas may produce fewer fine-quality stones. However, all gemstone quality varies depending on the location. Gemstones tend to gain value as they become harder to find and are of higher quality. 

One gemstone that frequently appears on lists of the most beautiful and rare gems is imperial jade. This gemstone is found in Myanmar (Burma) and China and is usually a bright electric green color. It has a few different colors but is most commonly imperial jade. This gemstone is very rare and often highly valued. Some other gemstones that often make the list of the most beautiful and rare gems are black opal, blue sapphire, bilberry, amethyst, peridot, lavender sapphire, and a variety of other colors. 

Rare gemstones often have a different color or property than other gems. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. A benitoite gemstone can be very light but have a solid fire property. This makes it a valuable gemstone for jewelry. Colors can also be precious.
  1. Pietersite is a very rare brownstone. Pietersite is found in Africa, Russia, and the United States. It is a painite specimen found in the world’s rarest gemstone list. 
  1. Alexandrite is a rare red crystal in the world’s rarest gemstone list. Alexandrite is found in Russia, Brazil, and Afghanistan. It is a stunning and rare gemstone. 

The British Museum is the world’s oldest museum. It has a collection of rare and beautiful gemstones. Brazilian alexandrite, British museum alexandrite, and red crystal are some of the rarest gemstones in the museum’s collection. 

Gemstone Rings :-

Gemstone rings are trendy nowadays because of their beauty and rarity. Therefore, adding beautiful gemstones according to individuals’ preference for gold or diamond rings is the new trend.

Also, with the customization option, we can add as many things as we want, along with our choice of gemstone. 

Conclusion :-

Gemstones are rare & expensive, and that’s why it is becoming the first choice of buyers. They also get the customization option so that they can make it look according to their choice. So it gives them a solid reason to buy their preferred jewelry, and online stores are also helping a lot. 

Gemstone is the new fashion and is here to stay as long as a new trend arrives. Till then, buy yourself a beautiful gemstone that suits your style and class.