The Unconventional Guide to Camel Safari in Rajasthan

You trip to Rajasthan will remain incomplete if you don’t indulge yourself into an adrenaline-thumping, adventurous camel safari through the rippling desert. Do bear it in mind that the ideal time to go for camel safari is from September to March every year. During those months, the weather remains cooler and it feels pleasant to ride through the windswept dunes on the back of a camel.

Camel safari is also a great means to explore the rural Rajastahn. Most of us have no inkling that how small rural communities can survive amidst a desert. A camel safari can play the role of an eye opener on day-to-day toils that the villagers of Rajasthan go through in order thrive.

Finding out the best company for camel safari

A decorated camel ready for camel festival in Rajasthan

The first step towards an unforgettable trip on a camel back would be to zero upon the ideal company. The renowned centers from where the travelers go out from camel safaris in Rajasthan are- Jailselmer, Mandwa, Pushakr, Bikaner, Jaipur and Jodhpur. You will get many glossy advertisements in paper or travel magazines about various agencies that host camel safaris in those places but its better not to rely upon word-of-mouth publicity. If any of your acquaintances have ever gone to camel safari in Rajasthan, then hound her/him for the right information. Other than that, the internet is a vast source where you will get to know many useful contacts of organizations that set up camel safari trips in diverse locations of Rajasthan. A simple Google search can give out valuable results. Travel sites like Trip Advisor and Make My Trip come handy in this context.

Things to Remember Before You Go For a Camel Safari !
  • Do remember that the initial phase of the journey on a camel back may feel uncomfortable for many. You may suffer from back pain, sore legs or dry throats. Whenever you develop a slight uneasiness, it’s better to inform you cameleer and take a pause.
  • You need to carry along with you sufficient water. Apart from that, juicy lozenge is a good option to keep your mouth moist.
  • Lather your skin with a sun screen with high SPF before you start the expedition.
  • A first-aid kit, pair of sunglass, big straw hats, scarves, turbans, mosquito repellant cream, sun-screen lotion and umbrellas are the other vital items for a camel safari.

Camel safari locations in Rajasthan

Camel Safari Tours Are Popular in Cities of Rajasthan


Jaisalmer is undoubtedly the most celebrated point where tourists flock to take a camel safari. Though the charges vary from agency to agency but generally it depends upon the group –size. A normal camel safari may charge from Rs.500-1,050 per person for each day. If you are looking for a high-end camel safari, then you may need to shell out as high as Rs.3500 as remuneration. The package includes foods, bedding, visiting various dhanis (cluster of huts) in the route, spending time with villagers and some cultural programs for the entertainment of tourists.

To attract foreign tourists, many companies host safaris celebrating special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day and Halloween. Jaiselmer Camel Safari, Thar Camel Safari Jaiselmer, Hotel Fifu are some of the distinguished names in Jaisalmer.


Bikaner is often referred as the ‘Camel City’ of Rajasthan so you can imagine well enough that- how much excitement it will be if you start your journey from Bikaner.. Another USP of most of the camel safaris in Bikaner is the constant fixture that is called sand-skiing.

If you are opting for a luxurious safari from Bikaner then it might take Rs1500 -2500 per person. On the other hand an average trip may start at price Rs.400 per person. Thar Desert Safari, Camel Man are some of the prominent names in Bikaner camel safari.


The best organization for camel safari in Mandwa is undoubtedly the Castle Mandwa itself. To visit the stunning beauty of countryside, mingling with locals and listening to their folklores and Rajasthani music, gorging onto delicious Rajasthani thali and sleeping inside a tent under the night sky full of stars- contact to Castle Mandwa to enjoy your camel safari to the fullest.

There are other agencies like Mandwa Camps and Radhika Haveli. It’s better to contact to the respective offices to know the charges.


If you want to make the most of camel ride in Pushkar, then you must visit this place during the month of November as the renowned Pushkar Camel Fair also takes place then. There it’s also advisable to go for longer trips that involve traveling to Jaiselmer, Mandwa or Nagaur from Pushkar- on a camel back.

Pushkar Camel Safari, The Pushkar Bagh Resorts are some of the prominent organizations that conduct camel safaris here. The price ranges between Rs. 400 to as high as Rs.2, 500 depending upon the duration of the safari.


Before you hit Jodhpur keep it in mind that Jodhpur has no such sand landscape nearby. But don’t get disheartened as there are some nearby desert villages that offer home-stay as well as camel safari camps.

Hacra dhani is such desert camp which is situated at 2 hours car-ride distance from Jodhpur and offers a spectacular home-stay experience.

On the other hand, Reggie’s Camel Camp in Osian is another nearby one that offers plush stay under the sky, with all the 5-star comforts guaranteed. But it’s expensive where a half-day camel ride starts from Rs.700 per person and a single tent in camel camp costs as high as Rs.12, 000.


The ‘lake city’ Udaipur is not so popular destination for camel safaris. But if you are visiting the city, then you can opt for short-duration camel rides. The beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake of Udaipur is one of the renowned starting points of camel ride. But do remember that this is a camel ride on the roads and inside the markets and not on the desert.

On the other hand, each year during December, Shilpgram fair takes place just outskirt of Udaipur and it is a celebrated festival where arts and crafts of Rajasthan are heavily promoted. There also you can get the scope of taking a camel ride through various alleys, which is covered with stalls both sides.


Jaipur – the capital of Rajasthan is also a great point to start your camel safari from. Jaipur is well connected by air, railway and roads to the rest of India, so the camel safari agencies generally send cars to airport or station to pick up their guests directly to the base-camp. The duration of the camel safari varies from single-day trip to 3-4 days trip. Depending upon how you want to travel, you can choose either a luxurious trip or a modest one. If you select the latter, then you may have to pay Rs.600 per day per person. On the other hand, a more opulent safari may cost you more than Rs.1900.

Fort Madhogarh is the most prominent name when it comes to organizing camel safaris in Jaipur.