Buying Woollen Clothes in Shimla: What & Where!

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The winterwear is a cheaper buy-in Shimla. This is because woollen clothes are locally made here. But then, thee are shops in Shimla which import winterwear from Ludhiana because they are much cheaper.

A typical Speciality

You can buy locally manufactured Himachali cap (pahadi topi) at a reasonable price from the Mall road market. Also, Kullu Shawls can be a nice buy from the same place.

Authentic Shop

Himachal Emporium on mall road is government-operated traditional goods shop in Mall road. It is an authentic shop to buy coats/jackets and other woollen clothes. The prices are fixed by the government.

Besides woollen clothes, leather and resin winter wears can be traced in the street shops and showrooms. However, when it is a case of buying leather or resin wear, better be cautious!

More Places

Then again, the lower bazaar also known as Subzi market has some good shops to buy ethnic wear. To buy pure woollen shawls and sweaters, Bhuttico Shawl Showroom in Lower Bazar is a nice shop to mention.

Lakkar Bazaar is historically famous for wooden handicraft. However, the bazaar also has many shops selling woollen apparels.

Interestingly, when you need to buy woollens sweaters, socks or stalls the Lakkar Bazaar does not disappoint you. Downside? Well, Compared to mall road shops it is slightly expensive!