Most famous shops to buy candles in Nainital

Candles of Nainital
Candles of Nainital

Candles are famous shopping thing in Nainital. Therefore, many shops in Nainital sell beautiful candles in various types.

Candles melt away easily. Hence, proper packing of the candle is quite essential until you reach back to your place. The famous shops usually pack them carefully in wooden cartons for safe transport.

Mehrotras House of Wax

Mehrotras House of Wax Cadle store (Nainital)

Mehrotras House of Wax is a reputed local shop to buy candles in Nainital. You can discover the different colour and perfume candles at a very reasonable rate at the place. The oldest candle shop is located at the entrance of Bara Bazar market.

The shop is also famous for aroma oils, wooden souvenirs, walking sticks, lamps and lanterns. If you’re looking for something unique to take home with you, this place is right for you.

Pahari Store Candle shop

The Pahadi Candle Store (Nainital)

This shop is situated in Mallital area near Capitol cinema. The place is not very far away from the famous Naina Devi Temple. The shop has a wide collection of designer, floating, gel and scented candles. If you want to buy a memoir from Nainital, the Pahari Store is a nice shop to explore. The factory showroom of Anil

Candles houses candles of several shapes, sizes and colour. The shop is also a good place to buy jams, pickles, honey, Himalayan herbs, organic food, handmade soaps and cosmetics. They also run an e-commerce store to home deliver the goods –

Budhlakoti candle showroom

Budhlakoti candles showroom (Nainital)

Budhlakoti is one of the oldest candle manufacturers in Nainital. It was established in the year 1981.

The outlet is located in Mallital area of Nainital. Besides waxworks, the shop is also the best to place to buy souvenir items including Himalayan herbs, soaps, incense sticks and essential oils.

Danish candles House

Danish Candle Shop (Nainital)

Danish Candles shop is located in the Bhotia market of Nainital. The place is popular for buying candles at a reasonable price.

The candle store houses wide range and types of candles, reed diffuser and room fresheners. They also have a website –

Narains candle Shop

Narains Candle Shop (Nainital)

Narains candles is another popular candle and gift accessories store popular among tourists. The shop is situated in Mallital area near mall road of Nainital.

The items have fixed and reasonable prices. Although seems to be slightly expensive than Tibetan market shops, the quality of candles is much better here.