6 top things to buy when shopping in Shimla!

Besides showcasing a rich Himachali culture and beautiful traditions the ‘Queen of Hills’ Shimla also offers awesome shopping extravaganza to all types of travelers. But what exactly should you get while you’re shopping in Shimla and what are the best things to buy when you are in Shimla? If these questions intrigue you, keep reading the post till the end!

Street Shopping Markets of Shimla

The best shopping areas in Shimla are the Lakkar Bazaar, The Mall and the Government Emporium. The lower bazaar and Tibetan bazaar are also well-known shopping areas.

Although, one can get things even from the streets and in local markets, shopping from these markets will give the best deals and thus, they offer a reasonable price for all the things available there.

The Tibetan Market is well known for imported goods like that of electronics and fancy things. The Lakkar bazaar is famous because of the wooden crafts and artifacts, which are available there.

The regular items like that of caps, hats, shawls are found in the lower bazaar.

After a rigorous shopping, you can also try a variety of cuisines from the several awesome eateries at mall road.

Best Things to Buy

Shopping is an activity that is mostly enjoyed by people when they visit Shimla. Many people enjoy shopping when they go to visit any place.

The Himachal capital, being such a wonderful place, the things that one can get here will be unique and beautiful as well. Here is a shoppers’ guide for those people, who are planning to visit Shimla and wondering what are the things they can get there to buy.

Shimla is a perfect place to buy wood carvings and shawls. Other than these, weaved bags and clothes found in Shimla are worth a buy. The tourist place offers a variety of selected pieces of jewelry, Metalwares, rugs, and carpets to buy.

1 Handicrafts

Poolan - a typical handicraft item  is a kind of indoor himachali slipper made out of dried opium stems

Handicrafts of Shimla are very popular. The handmade pieces are unique and are widely found in Shimla, which people crave for.

One can get the best products available from the Tibetan Market, Tibetan handicrafts center and Himachal handloom of Shimla and also in the crafts center of Dalhousie, Shimla.

The tribal handicrafts found here are of Farahada and Chhiba, which are handicrafts generally, dyed and printed fabrics.

2 Woolen Materials

Shimla is also a nice place to buy woolen items.

The woolen garments and shawls are other famous things, which can be purchased from Shimla.

Being a hill station, the local demand for woolen materials is very high. As a result, woolen garments and shawls found at Shimla are of very good quality.

One can get the best quality woolen materials from the Mall road in Shimla.

3 Wood Items and Traditional Artifacts

A craftman working on a piece of wooden handicraft

The wooden items and the traditional artifacts found in the Lakkar bazaar are very antique and different.

These traditional artifacts will be available at a very reasonable price and with the help of these materials, you can decorate your homes and make them look palatial.

4 Handmade Paper and Wooden Tables

A beatifully carved himachali table

The individuals inhabiting Shimla are experts with the work of carpeting and they just do wonder by carving very beautiful tables and different materials.

These artisans are very good at carving exquisite wooden tables, which can be bought to decorate your homes, which further give a little more antique feel to your house.

There are many people, who have a hobby to decorate their homes and when they find such art they cannot behold themselves. These artistically created great designs are available at a very reasonable price, which attracts more customers to buy them.

5 Old Treasures and Beautiful Jewelry

A shop selling trendy jewelery.

One can find much stuff in the museum, which is very unique.

A large collection of ancient handicrafts, jewelry of the museum inspire the Shimla jewelers to design the best-designed jewelry, at the same time keeping in mind the choice of the visitors.

One can get all these jewelry from the Lakkar Bazaar.

6 Himachali Hats and Handicrafts

Himachali Caps may not be so useful in plains in India but they are definately a memorable  item.

The Himachali hats are very interesting attires, which are found only in Himachal.

Touring the state of Himachal and not buying these will be a big mistake. This is the best ethnic thing that you can gift to your near and dear ones as a memory from Shimla.

All these hats and handicrafts are almost found everywhere in Shimla, but you can get the best quality of them at the Government Emporium of Shimla.

Other specialties

There are a large variety of typical shopping items, which are found in Shimla.

Many shopping items like woven carpets, rugs, blankets, Pahari caps are also found here in Shimla. Thus, you can find several things starting from a Kinnauri muffler to all the old treasures in Shimla.

The city well displays its rich heritage and art by its wide variety of handmade products.