Top Things to buy in Kolkata: Best Shopping specialities!

Kolkata – the former capital of British India is also called a shoppers paradise. No wonder, you can get several famous things to buy in Kolkata. This post discusses the most unique ones so continue.

Terracotta Products

Bankura terracotta horses (Credits: Flickr)

Terracotta clay product which originated from Bankura district is a famous thing to buy in Kolkata. You can find a wide range of artefacts and home decors in terracotta. Even beyond utility items like teacups and pots are widely available in the city.

More specifically, ‘Bankura horses and elephants‘ are still very popular due to their uniqueness. Besides, other famous terracotta handicrafts buy from Kolkata include shells, vases, bowls, pots and junk jewellery.

Where to buy?

Chowringhee Lane, Dakshibapan Shopping Complex and Swabhumi Heritage Park are the few places to buy the best terracotta products.

Tip! The Terracotta products come in two colours – with a tint of red or in a shade of black, depending on how they are burned.

Bengal Sarees

Sarees of Kolkata
Garad & Taant are famous sarees to buy in Kolkata

In Kolkata, you can have the best range of saree from across the country. People visiting Kolkata are also interested in buying garad sarees. These are typical Bengali white saree with a red border.

Moreover, the city’s popular buy also includes its silk fabric, namely the Tussar and Vishnupuri Silk. The Tant Cotton Saree or Bangladesh’s famous Dhakai Jamdani is popular shopping specialities.

Where to buy?

Best places to pick up sari in Kolkata are New Market, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, and Gariahat and Collage Street Market.

Tip! Kolkata is the best place for the entire range of saree available in eastern India. There are whole lots of boutique for exquisite saree in the city.

Famous Sweets of Kolkata

Kolkata's Rasgulla sweet
Rasgulla is a famous sweet of Kolkata

The Rasgullas are the most popular among sweets of Kolkata. You can also have Sandesh of various pak (soft or hard) and flavour. In winter months, you will come across many delicacies made with khejurer gur (date jaggery).

Where to buy?

Some shops to buy from are Girish Chanda Dey (Maniktala) Balaram Mullick Sweet Shop (Bhawanipur), Sharma Snacks (Bhawanipur) and Chittaranjan Mishthan Bhandar (Hathkola), K.C Das (Dharmatala), Mithai (near Park Circus).

Tip: Sweet is an integral part of the culture of Bengal and the most acknowledged amazing Bengali cuisine.

Jute Craft Items

Jute Handicraft of Kolkata
Jute Handicraft of Kolkata

Over a century Kolkata was the jute hub of the world. No wonder, jute craft items are quite famous items to shop for when in the city.

The popular products include jute handbags, footwear, wall hangings, jute jewellery and home decors. Also, equally famous are its shimmery colourful bangles, intriguing cane curios and metal craft items of all shapes and sizes.

Jute baskets: it can be used as a multipurpose item, for example, storing clothes, magazines and for marketing purposes as well.

Jute wall hangings: For colourful and decorative embellishments that offer a traditional look.

Jute mat: strong and durable.

Jute curtains: meets your eco-friendliness, can help keep the rooms cool during hot and sultry weather.

Jute rugs: not only for decorative purposes but these rugs also keep your floors clean.

Jute pen stand and pencil stand: there are lots of exciting fancy and stylish pencil stand, pen stand, pen & pencil holders perfectly suitable for home and office purpose

Where to buy?

You can buy jute craft items of West Bengal at Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Ankur Kala Kendra (Park Street). The Central Cottage Industries Emporium (Dharmatala) and Swabhumi Heritage Park are also among the famous places to shop.

Tip: Before you for shopping in Kolkata first buy a big jute shopping bag for all your purchases.

Old and Indology books

Old Books of British & Zamindari Era
Old Books of British & Zamindari Era

During the 19th century, Kolkata was among the few educationally thriving cities in the East. These developments endowed the city with a rich heritage of reading and publishing and book collecting.

In addition to these, for its cultural and political heritage, the city had a great readership among the common people. All these private collections regularly find their avenue into the open market.

Where to Buy?

Earlier, College Street and M. K. Gandhi Road were the only markets for old and Indology books. Presently such books are available in other parts of the city, like Gariahat, Free School St.

Tip: Many Zamindars (owners of landed estates) have their own libraries and almost all professionals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century have the libraries as well.