DDLJ re-defined the romance on screen !

October 20, 1995; well that is a golden day in the history of India. It is a day when things got redefined, views and perspectives changed and the popular thinking was reframed. Milestones were framed and the entire shape of the Indian Cinema was reshaped. It changed the perception of love for generations to come. October 19, 1995 was the release date of one of the stalwarts in the history of Indian Cinema — Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, or DDLJ the movie that finished 1000 weeks on October 12, 2014 in Maratha Mandir. The movie , that not only went on to become a blockbuster; but is also a hit even on this date.

As the trailer itself mentions it is the longest running film in the history of Indian Cinema, DDLJ has given more than that to the audience in India. The film has been inspirations to a number of movies that ruled box offices decades after the movie had actually run its show. Recently released Humpty Sharma k Dulhania is said to be inspired by DDLJ. To put it more specifically it is the modern day DDLJ. Movies like I hate love stories, Shirin Farhad ki toh NIkal Padi, heropanti and 280 other films have been inspired by DDLJ or at least have more than one scene inspired by this epic film, that changed the face of romance forever.

Break k baad is one such film, where the lead characters realize their love for each other while watching a mushy scene of DDLJ. Bachna ae Haseeno uses the entire feel and effect of the film on the audience to make the romance of one of its three little love stories. Also the famous running and getting on the train scene in the second half of Jab we met reminds us of DDLJ.

A few amazing revelations came to fore with the film finishing its 1000th week. Shahrukh khan had apparently planned on not signing the film. He was reluctant as he felt the role was only that of a lover boy and had nothing new to it. Director Aditya Chopra actually had to coax SRK into the film. After the film became a big hit, SRK ad signed a poster stating “ Thanks for making me the star that I AM today”; which still hangs in the offices of Aditya Chopra. Kajol on the other hand took the film, just because Adi or Aditya Chopra was a good friend. Though SRK and Kajol were a Jodi even before DDLJ, but the movie established them as a Jodi and etched this couple as the perfect one in the minds of the Indian Audience for decades. Director Aditya Chopra too rose to fame with the success of this movie.

It is also known that Saif Ali khan was the first choice for the film, after which SRK came into picture. The movie was released days before SRK’s 30th birthday. The title for this movie was apparently suggested by Kiron Kher, Anupam Kher’s wife. Anupam plays SRK’s father in the movie. Also interesting is the fact that the famous actor Raj Kapoor had been the inspiration to the name Raj as portrayed in the film. Karan Johar made his brief acting stunt in this film playing SRK’s loser friend, while Mandira Bedi made her first big screen debut with this movie. The makers had also thought of Holly actor Tom Cruise for the role, but eventually dropped the plan.

In regards to music too, the movie, had amazing response and is a hit even today. The famous song Mehendi Laga k Rakhna was actually meant for a different movie, but eventually went on to be featured in this groundbreaking movie. Moreover, Mere Khwabo Mein Jo Aaye had 24 verses before getting the final nod. The director had also a few tricks, to get the better of the film. The first instance, being the scene where SRK drops Kajol at the end of the song, Rukh Jaa O Dil Deewane. Kajol had not been previously informed as Aditya wanted to capture a genuine reaction. The lips on SRK’s chest were drawn by Kajol herself. Additionally, Aditya had trouble filming this scene as Kajol would start laughing the moment SRK took his shirt off.

With the film completing 1000 years in Maratha Mandir, on the 12th of December, 2014; the actors and directors came together to actually celebrate the day. SRK interacted and entertained the audience along with Kajol. SRK also went up to the third floor to wave at the huge crowd outside. Kajol could not do it owing to her fractured leg.