Banjhakri Water Falls in Gangtok–A prime attraction for tourists

Banjhakri Water Falls is covered under the local site seeing in Gangtok city.The place has water falls, beautiful landscapes and well laid out trails to wander about.

It is a popular water fall location in Gangtok and figures out on all local tour operators list.Banjhakri is also the highest fall in Gangtok with a height of about 100 feet.The fall is located 7 kilometers from the town but owing to the road conditions it may take around 20-25 minutes to reach the spot.

Banjhakri is a folklore local name given to a nature worshippers with mystical healing powers who used to reside in this area.

Entrance Gate of Banjhakri Water Fall in Gangtok

Banjhakri water fall complex entrance gate

At the entrance of Banjhakri Complex you will need to pay admission fee of Rs 50.Cars can be parked inside the park on the right side while tourist have to head over to the right side to explore the park and fall.The car parking charge is Rs 30.

Fast Food Shops and Parking inside the park


There is a large space inside the entrance of fall where taxis are parked.Shops for fast food are lined up on the right side inside the premises.To visit the fall you will need to climb stairs in upward direction on the left side.

There is also a souvenir shop at the right side of the stairs where you can buy Buddha Statues and other famous specialties of the Sikkim state.

View of the Fall

View of Banjhakri Fall Gangtok

On a trail through the foot bridges in Sikkimese style spanning the meandering stream and connecting one enchanting spot to another you will reach the fall site.Over the big rocks at the fall you can enjoy clicking some memorable snaps.

There is a shop just at the fall location where you can get local traditional sikkimese dress for photography purposes for a price of Rs 50.

Jungle Magician Banjhakri’s  Statue


Back to the trail from the Banjhakri fall you will come across the statue near a cave which is of the man himself..

The mysterious Banjhakri had mastered the art of acquiring power from the evil spirits.Some even say his wife was a blood sucking evil spirits who used to roam in this jungle.

Banjhakri falls incident


It all began with a viral facebook image of a small boy who said to have died at night after having visited the Banjhakri fall that day.The image with ghostly shadow in the fall was said to be later discovered by the parents of the boy who had taken the photograph while on visit to this spot.

The incidence however later on turned out to be another hoax.The computer forensics investigation found the image to be manipulated with the help of some image editing software.Moreover , the background which was said to be of Banjhakri fall was also not found to be true.