Sikkim’s most famous shopping specialties to buy from Gangtok: A Guide

If you want to buy unique stuffs from Sikkim especially in Gangtok and around you need to know first what these items are ? and where you can find them ? Continue reading this post, till the end to get answer to both of these questions!

Gangtok – the capital of Sikkim is not only the starting point for exploring this Himalayan hill state but also is the best place to pick up famous traditional things of Sikkim.

This article will answer these questions.

1 Lord Buddha figurines

You will find plenty of Lord Buddha idols selling in souvenir shops of Sikkim

The alluring Buddha statues are a popular thing to shop in the souvenir shops here in Sikkim. In fact, In MG market of Gangtok you can buy these figurines for a price of  Rs 250.

I had a day excursion towards south Sikkim district named ‘Namchi’ , where , inside the Buddha park at Rangavala , I found the same figurines selling for a relatively cheaper price of Rs 150 at a souvenir shop.

As far as placement of these idols is concerned , according to Feng-Shui , one should turn this figurine to where it faces room’s entrance.It marks the fearlessness and compassion.

2 Sikkimese Cups


Sikkimese cups are one of the unique things to buy for the memory of your tour as well as gift purpose.

These cups have colourful arts printed on them ranging from dragons to events.The best place to buy these kind of cups and tea pots in Gangtok are MG market and Lal Market.

While in MG market you have a lesser chance of bargain , Lal Market , is the local market where you can negotiate for these items.

The cost of Sikkimese cups range from Rs 80 -Rs 150 per piece depending upon quality and size.Similarly , the Sikkimese tea pots can be purchased for a price of Rs 250.

3 Buddhist Prayer Flags

Prayer Flags is another typical unique stuff to be collected from Gangtok of Sikkim

Prayer flags , another unique stuff of Sikkim , are pieces of colored cloth with Buddhist Mantra written on them.

These flags were used for centuries to carry blessings on the wind and all around the Sikkim you will notice these flags.

You can mount these flags on your walls or rear glass window of your car.

The prayer flags can be purchased from MG Road market of Gangtok where you can buy them for Rs 50 , Rs 80 and Rs 120 for different sizes.

4 Local Tea of Sikkim

Temi Tea Garden is the only tea garden of the state and so its organic tea has its own importance

Sikkim has a lone tea-estate called ‘Temi Tea Garden’.

Besides enjoying the fascinating beauty of this tea garden , you can consider buying some organic tea from the outlet at the gardens entry point.This tea garden is included in most of the local tour operators site seeing list.

At the Temi Tea cafeteria you can also sip some hot tea and have snacks. A green tea pack of 100 grams from Temi Tea Garden comes for a price of Rs 120.

5 Tibetan Style Lanterns and wall hangings

The cost of Tibetan Style Lanterns start from Rs 100

The decorative Tibet style lanterns is another famous specialty of Sikkim.

You can find these lanterns and colourful wall hangings from MG road market souvenir shops.

The cost of lanterns start from Rs 100.