Elephant Falls of Shillong–What you get to see !

The other highly popular attraction , 12 kms from Shillong city , is Elephant falls.

A few minutes drive from Shillong Peak at Elephant  falls , water falls in three steps i.e. there are 3 water falls from the same stream.

Elephant Falls Entrance


At the entrance there is a Khasi Dress shop where you can rent the traditional dress and have yourself photographed in the same.

The stairs to the bottom lead you to the first fall of Elephant falls.

Elephant Falls 1st Fall


This is the first fall you come across on your way to the bottom.

Most people do not know that there are two more beautiful water falls when you descend from the staircase to the bottom.

Elephant Falls 1st Fall Rest Benches


If you are tired or want to enjoy the beauty you can take a rest on the benches that are setup at the first step of the water fall.

The first water fall is just in front of the benches that have been placed here.

Way to Elephant Falls 2st Step


The 2nd step of the Elephant falls is further down the stairs.

Elephant Falls 2nd Step and Bridge


People can see the 2nd step fall of the Elephant fall of Shillong from this point.

The bridge that you see in this photograph joins the way further down to the 3rd and final step of the Elephant falls.

Elephant Falls 3rd Step Fall


The most beautiful among all 3 step water falls in Elephant falls is the 3rd one situated at the bottom.

People like to pose for photographs at the front of this fall which has small water reservoir with crystal clear water.

The uphill journey from this fall to the entrance is a tough job for kids and senior citizens.