8 Top adventure sports popular in Manali

Manali is a wonderful vacation destination with its distinct topography, natural bounties and picturesque panorama. The serene beauty of the hill station across the bank of the river Beas and the beautiful snow clad mountains lined with deodar, pine and conifers provide the perfect destination for the honeymooners, trekkers, couples and adventure lovers. Manali forms the perfect destination for the various adventure sports that provide the perfect respite from the monotonous life.

The enchanting beauty of the river Beas along with the unsurpassed mountain ranges provide some of the exciting adventure sports to the people of the world.. These adventure sports captivate tourists from different parts of the world. People enjoy the diversified bounties of nature amidst the thrilling adventures and panoramic scenery of Manali.

1 Paragliding

Paragliding in Solang Nala near Manali

Paragliding is a combination of hand gliding and parachuting. A para-glider can move to a height of approximately 3000 meters if the weather is perfect. This adventure is carried out in the valleys of Manali. One can have the wonderful complete view of the picturesque city of Manali. There are many expert internationally recognized pilot agencies in Manali, who help the adventure lovers to carry out this adventure sport safely. It has become one of the popular adventure sports both among the youth and matured individuals as well. Generally, two or three options are available, which include Short, Medium and Long Flying.

2 River Rafting

River Rafting in the roaring beas river in Manali

River Rafting is one of the most thrilling activities in Manali. It goes on all throughout the year except during the extreme winters when the water level falls and monsoons, when the water level rises. The best suitable time to opt for river rafting is during the summers when the melting snow from the Himalayas keeps the water level of the river Beas to an optimum height. An inflatable boat and other necessary equipment are used by the expert professionals to carry out this adventure sport with a high degree of safety and thrill.

3 Camping

Camping is a popular activity on the bank of beas river.

If you want to enjoy in the lap of nature, camping in Manali is the perfect option for you. It is the most magnificent way of experiencing the bounties of nature. The camping agents provide the guests with all the basic amenities of life like fooding, lodging and recreational activities. However, it is recommended to carry warm clothes, if you intend to carry out this adventure sports in Manali. The serene ambience coupled with the nature walks, meditation and yogas provide a lifetime experience to the holiday lovers. Walking on the roads lined with deodar trees and breathing in the fresh air rejuvenate the individual bringing back the vivid life completely.

4 River Crossing

 River Crossing Adventure Sports at bank of Beas in Manali

River crossing is yet another thrilling adventure sport in Manali. The popular areas, where this activity is carried out are Aleo and Bhang. It is highly advised to carry out this adventure sport only under the guidance of some professional expert since this is really a dangerous activity. But, this is a superb experience for both the youths and the adults as well.

5 Skiing

Skiing is a popular adventure sport in Solang valley of Manali

People from all across the globe visit Rohtang Pass of Manali to enjoy Skiing in the lap of the Himalayan snow clad ranges. Skiing or snowboarding facilities are arranged here for both the beginners and the experienced individuals. This is carried out with the guidance of the expert professionals. Skiing along the ranges of the Himalayas is a tremendous experience and a superb adventure sport.

6 ATV Ride

ATV ride in the unevens snow peaks of Rohtang.

Manali is well known for its varied topography. And having the All Terrain Vehicle ride is a joyous ride filled with enthusiasm and vigor. The riding terrain ranges from mountains to mud holes. It is scary and adventurous as well. Individuals irrespective of age can enjoy this sport whole heartedly. Enjoying ATV ride in the Rohtang Pass especially in the fresh snowfall is a superb and unforgettable experience for the individuals.

7 Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing in Manali

The streams and the rivers in the Himalayan ranges in Manali provide a perfect opportunity for angling of the rainbow and brown trouts. This activity is growing its popularity along the various strata of the society. This not only helps to spend a wonderful leisure, but also teaches some of the interesting tactics to the people for catching a fish. Trout fishing is a great exciting sport carried out in Manali.

8 Heli Skiing

Heli Sking performed in Manali near Solang valley

Heli Skiing or Himalayan Heli Adventure is yet another thrilling and exciting adventure sport that is carried out in the ranges of Manali.It has gained popularity in recent years in Manali and Gulmarg.Nothing can be more special than Heli skiing, where you are travelling under the blue sky and above the snow clad mountain ranges. The chilled breeze touches your face and you get carried away with the whistling tune of the cold breeze up in the sky. Compactness is the characteristic feature of this adventure sport. It is carried out in the various regions of Manali including Rohtang Pass, Chandrakhani Pass and Dio Tibba.The ski performers experience an adventurous 3500 meters vertical descent from the top via helicopter.