Visiting Bomdila is a mountain-lovers delight !

One of the most significant tourist attractions of Arunchala Pradesh, Bomdila is a paradise on earth for those- who love Himalayas, its snow-capped ranges, exotic orchids, unusual wildlife and above all- a blissful, calm stay at the close proximity of nature.Not only for its beauty, Bomdila also known as a place of importance from the geopolitical point of view of India. It’s situated near the disputed Indo-Chinese border and, is the headquarter of West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.But from a traveler’s point of view, all of these don’t matter at all. Once you step into this place, your mind shall be blown away with its magnificent beauty, rich cultural heritage, and the hospitality of local people.

Getting in

By air

If you are planning to visit Bomdila by plane, then remember that the nearest (180 KM away) airport is situated in Tezpur, Assam. Tezpur airforce base is well connected by the rest of the country.Another way of visiting this place by air is via Guwahati. Guwahati airport has major flight operations with all the metros of the country. The distance between Guwahati and Bomdila is approx 236 KM and it may take around four hours to reach Bomdila from the capital of Assam.

By train

Tezpur is the closest railway station to Bomdila. From there, you will get buses and taxis to reach the latter.

By road

There are various ways to reach the place by road. If you are opting for a bus ride from the state capital of Arunchal Pradesh- ItanaGar, then there are A.S.T.C (Assam State Transportation Corporation) buses available from there. Also ASTC operates buses in Tezpur-Bomdila and Guwahati-Bomdila route.

If you want to travel to Bomdila by car from Tezpur, then you may hire shared cabs from A.S.T.C bus-stand of Tezpur. But please note that, the path is in very bad shape and landslides are quite frequent here. On the other hand, Assam is notorious for rampant ‘bandhs’ or ‘strikes’ in full working days. So it’s better to know the rate and then book your cab in advance.

But if you wish for hired taxis nevertheless, then be prepared for some delay as the taxis don’t start off till all the passenger seats are filled.

Places of tourist attractions

The snow-laden mountain ranges, the terrific views of Himalayas, the pollution-free air to breath in- you don’t need any other attractions. But still, to satisfy the photographer and explorer inside you- here is a list of few worth-visiting sites in and around Bomdila-

Bomdila Monastery

Bomdila Monastry of Arunachal Pradesh , India

Nestled among greenery and mountains, Bomdila Monastery is one of the famous sites in Bomdia and the surrounding area. Locally known us upper gompa, this holy place attracts thousands of devotees every year, who follow Mahayana sect of Buddhism. There is a hostel for young lamas in this monastery who live, pray and study here.

There are some beautiful Tibetan artworks inside the monastery that give out Tibetan artistry. Other than that, seeing little lamas studying, playing, working around this place will fill your heart surely. Besides, upper gompa gives an amazing view of Bomdila below (as it is situated at the top or upper part of the town).

Apple Orchards

An apple garden in Bomdila

Bomdila is celebrated for its apple orchards. Layers and layers of land that are full of apple-laden trees are the treats for the eyes and surely leave you salivating.If you like to buy loads of apples at lowest prices possible, then visit this place during winter. The sight of fresh, juicy apples will make you happy instantly.

Crafts centre and Ethnographic museum

Crafts centre and Ethnographic museum , Bomdila

It’s a culturally rich place to experience the beautiful Tibetan and local handicrafts as well as taking back souvenirs and gift items for your dear ones. You will feel amazed by the sheer beauty of dragon painted carpets, masks, wall-paintings as well as hangings displayed. They show, how much dedication and precision one requires churning out these beautiful art pieces.

Other than the above three sites; Bomdila Viewpoint, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Dirang valley, are some of the places that will make you feel enchanted in and around Bomdila.

What to eat

Due to the dense existence of Tibetan population and Tibetan culture here, Bomdila will offer simple delicacies similar to that of the most part of North-East India. Have momo, thukpa, hand-made noodles and various soups at your heart’s content.Sikkim Restaurant and Tsepal Yonjam (hotem-cum-restaurant) are two famous eateries in Bomdila.

What to shop for

Thangkas paintings, traditional masks, Tibetan carpets are some of the things to look for at Bomdila. Amazing, intrinsic details and carvings are the main USPs of them.


There are very little options when it comes to accommodation in Bomdila. There is only handful of hotels in here. Among them, Tsepal Yonjam is a nice, cozy hotel that offers good services at a reasonable price.Hotel Elysium is another fantastic hotel with apt service and cordial staff.

  • Explore the town by foot
  • Visit Bhalukpong which lies in the Tezpur-Bomdila route, over a day trip
  • Come to Bomdila around end-of-February or beginning of the march to take part in the Tibetan Losar festival
  • You can also arrange for trekking or hiking in the mountains and valleys around Bomdila- if you come fully prepared
  • Expect spectacular amenities or luxury, when it comes to Bomdila hotels
  • Visit the tiger reserve park at Bhalukpong and plan to stay over there for one night, without contacting the local forest office beforehand. It’s a remote place and you need some guidance to tour around it
Tips for travelers !
  • The best time to travel to Bomdila is between March to October
  • If you are staying at Bomdila, from there you will get buses towards the famous hill-towns of Arunachal Pradesh like- Tawang, Dirang valley etc.

Last but not the least !

Bomdila is a tranquil place that has nothing else to offer except; friendly and hospitable locals, pollution-free air, simple, nourishing food and few days of retreat from the tension and stress of everyday life. Or in other words, Bomdila is a little haven tucked amidst mountains.