4 Monsoon heavens in Kerala that should be in every honeymooner’s list

Monsoon is a lovely time to be in Kerala, when everywhere you can see freshly showered trees, lush green valleys and ripe fruits.If you are a honeymooning couple, then during rainy season, Kerala is the ideal romantic gateway to spend some lovely time together and enjoying the scenic beauties. Kerala is full of miracles of nature. With it’s rich culture and heritage, breath-taking sceneries, sumptuous food and cordial hospitality- no wonder it’s one of the most coveted destinations in the world.

But remember one thing that, during thick monsoon season (June and July), you may not have many options to roam around by your foot or by car as- water logging or lashing rain and winds can pose as obstacles. So it’s better to book a lovely resort either in a seaside or amidst greeneries, where you can enjoy the rain and it’s pitter-patters, with munching on fries and sipping hot tea/coffee.

check out these 4 must-visit monsoon destinations in Kerala for every romantic newly weds-

1 Munnar

Munnar lush green valley of tea estates

Undoubtedly the most desired hill station of South India, Munnar is a lovely, quaint town at the foothill of Western Ghat mountain ranges.With its green-carpeted tea estates, sleepy cottages, gushing waterfalls, gardens and lakes- no wonder Munnar was also a rage among British as a summer resort.The best way to roam around Munnar is by riding a bicycle through its roads and alleys, but there is a doubt whether you can get the chance when monsoon is at its peak. But don’t get disheartened, as Munnar is a hub for fresh tea, coffee beans and spices, and sipping into fresh cardamom tea while watching the clouds touching the mountain peaks outside, will makeup for more than anything else.

2Periyar National Park

a tree house in Periyar National Park

The wonderful thing about Periyar National Park (or Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary) is that- while most of the other national parks in India remain closed during monsoon, Periyar National Park or popularly known as Thekkady, keeps it’s gate open for travelers.Situated at the Western Ghat Mountains, another feather in the hat for Periyar is that- it is India’s one of the most important tiger reserves.Though during monsoon, it’s quite problematic to take jeep or elephant safari in and around the park, it has a fantastic facility of boat-ride on Periyar Lake for the travelers.

You can experience the beautiful scenes from the boat, like- flocks of colorful birds, crocodiles lazing around and keeping an eye on the preys, animals huddling together to drink water from the river banks- and they can makeup for more than anything else.There is a tree-house lodging facility in Periyar but unfortunately; it’s not possible to rent during monsoon. But Thekkady has some good private hotels and an accommodation by Kerala Forest Division that has a high chance of availability, as monsoon sees less number of crowds in Periyar.


Vembanad Lake of Kerala

Alappuzha or Alleppey is often called the ‘ Venice of the east’ for it’s snaky backwaters, connecting canals and boat being the main mode of transportation.An 18-th century city that has still retained many of its remnants of past, Alleppey looks gorgeous when it’s showered with the first rain of the season.You can do many things in this town during monsoon- the first and foremost should be checking out the possibility of a boat ride through its water-alleys and on Vembanad Lake.Very few boat-operators do business during monsoon, so there is a space for bargaining the rates, which is otherwise impossible in peak seasons.Gorge on the fresh, mouth-watering fish items in the various restaurants in Alleppey.Alappuzha has some famous ayurvedic massage and spa centers. So book your self a date with one of them, in order to pamper your body and detoxifying your mind.


Wayanad in rainy season

A north-eastern district that shares borders with neighboring Tamilnadu and Karnataka- the interesting fact about Wayanad that there is no town/city sharing the same name- which is very unlikely in the other 13 districts of Kerala.Among it’s lush green valleys, tea-gardens, mesmerizing waterfalls, birds in Karapuza dam- you will surely lose yourself with all those beauties around.For the last six years, to celebrate the uniqueness of monsoon in Wayanad, Wayanad tourism along with Kerala tourism department and the state Govt- host a 3-day long carnival in the month of July at Kalpetta- the district headquarters.A fun-filled festival with various adventurous activities, sports, and cultural programs take place during these 3-days.Several business conglomerates like- resorts and hotels, ayurvedic centers, real estates, restaurants, tour operators from Wayanad and neighboring places , participate in this festival along with the locals and tourists.‘ Wayanad Splash’ can be another reason for you to visit this beautiful place amidst rains.

Some info for travelers
  • Don’t forget to pack some warm clothes if you are planning to visit a hill-station like Munnar. During monsoon, it’s temperature falls rapidly as low as minus degrees.
  • Umbrella and raincoats are must to carry, if you are visiting Kerala in this season. If you intend to visit Periyar National park, then don’t forget to bring gumboots along with you; as they are most suitable while touring around in forest.
  • Carry some salt with you while visiting hilly regions or jungles- to keep the leeches at a bay.
  • It’s also advisable to carry some medicines to prevent health-problems like cold and fever, sore throat, stomach upset -which can be caused from change in location, the arrival of monsoon or spicy Kerala food.

If you mulling over the issues of rains, winds and thunders- then sumptuous seafood, healing and rejuvenating massages are two options that are attractive enough to pull you towards Kerala. But it’s for sure that, once you step foot in this magical state in monsoon, it’s renewed, luscious beauty will drive away every hesitation you may feel earlier.