4 Awesome beaches of west Bengal waiting to be explored

1 Bakkhali

Bakkhali Island to Frazergunj, this is the spread of the Bakkhali beach.This 8 kms long beach is one of the many deltaic islands spread along West Bengal. Known for its beautiful rolling waves and pristine seashore, this beach, is one of the major tourist attractions of West Bengal.

Situated on the Southern Bank of the Bay of Bengal, this beach is dotted with Casuarinas trees, the source of the pristine beauty of the beach. The calm and serene atmosphere of the beach only adds to it further.

Crowded only on the holidays, Bakkhali has numerous isolated regions that never lets it go all the way to be crowded. The perfect shape of the beach is meant for long drives and walks. It is not suited for bathing as the soil is sticky and there is lack of sand.

Bakkhali Beach is 132 kms from Kolkata by road

A charming view of the forest is all set to welcome you the moment you step in Bakkhali. Then there is also the Datepalm tree with 16 shoots from a single trunk standing just right of the bus stand. Other than that there is also the temples of Goddess Ganga and Vishalakhi and Banbibi(the Goddess of Forest) to be visited. All of these lie in the Amarabati village. This destination has not yet been developed with the tourists and hence the Bakkhali Develoment Authority is all set to develop this area.

How to reach


Namkhana is the nearest railhead to Bakkhali. From Kolkata, you have to board a train from Sealdah Junction which is moving towards Lakshmikantapur- Kakdwip-Bakkhali.


132 kms from Kolkata, Bakkhali is located. CSTC and SBSTC ply regular buses from Kolkata to Namkhana. Thereafter the Hatania- Doania Rivers have to be crossed; after which a private bus or trekker will take you to Bakkhali.

2 Frazergunj

 Frazergunj Beach of West Bengal , India

2 kms from Bakkhali is located Frazergunj, its twin. Historically known as Narayanitala, this place was renamed Frazergunj after the then Deputy Governor General Of Bengal Fell in love with it. He decided to rebuilt the location into a tourist and health spot and thus was the place named Frazergunj. The ruins of his bungalow still remain in this place , to the left of the beach. The rest that he created is however wiped out by the sea. However, this place is still attractive owing to the beach and the pleasant atmosphere. The crabs’ littering the entire beach is also a delight. The hay market and the temple of Goddess Ganga can also be visited.

How to reach

Freazergunj being the twin town of Bakkhali is situated right next to it and can be reached very easily taking a local ride. It is just a one day ride from Bakkhali and can be covered within half a day.

3 Sagardwip

Sagardwip Beach , West Bengal

Located on the Sunderbans, Sagardwip is one of the unspoilt beaches of Bengal. it has long been an weekend attraction for those who live in Kolkata. This beautiful beach, one of the best that Bengal has got is also known as Ganga Sagar, for herein the river Ganges meets the Bay of Bengal. Apart form relaxation and rejuvenation; this is also the spot for pilgrimage of all Hindus. The famous Ganga Sagar Mela is held here every year at Makar Sankranti. The clear blue sky and the white sands are very welcoming.

Apart from being in the works of Ramayana and Mahabharata this place also finds mention in the works of famous laureates like Tagore and Bankim Chandra Chatterjee.

How to Reach

135 kms from Kolkata, Sagardwip is not directly linked with Kolkata. Reaching Sagardwip from Kolkata has to be via a break journey.


Board a bus from Esplanade to Harwood point, it is 30 kms beyond Diamond Harbour. This is approximately a three hours journey. Next you have to cross Muriganga River thus reaching Kachuberia. Sagardwip can be reached by a bus or trekker from here. WBSTC runs regular buses on this route.


From Kolkata’s Sealdah Junction Take a train to Namkhana. From Namkhana, cross the Muriganga River and reach Chemaguri. Buses are available from here to Namkhana. There are regular boats from Harwood point and Kachuberia.

4 Diamond Harbour

A dusk at Diamond Harbour , India

Diamond Harbour is basically a destination by the river bank. But any mention of beaches of Bengal is incomplete without Diamond Harbour. Situated on the banks of River Hooghly, 51 kms South of Kolkata, Diamond Harbour, is located at the point where the Ganges turns South towards the Bay of Bengal. This is a sot to stop on your way or on your way back fom Ganga Sagar. It is accessible by bus or train from Kolkata.

The place was actually called Hajipur, till the British discovered it and named it Diamond Harbour. There is a century’s old fort here, popular notion being built by the Portugese. This fort is said to be dating back to the 16th Century. It was then, the gateway to reach the village of Kolkata. Silk, Spices, muslins and Gold are sad to be the items of trade in those days.

The first ever telegraph lie from was laid from Kolkata to Diamond Harbour.

How to reach

48 kms from Kolkata Diamond Harbor is connected to Kolkata via regular buses from Esplanade and regular trains from Sealdah Junction.