Underwater Hotels in the World: Most Amazing ones to explore!

The most amazing and adventurous underwater hotels in the world is another refinement in the idea of modern tourism.

After all, the hospitality industry regularly needs new ideas to attract visitors. And, ‘Underwater accommodation’ thought stands out in the crowd.

So, without further ado let us discover these wonderful underwater hotels in the World!

Jules’ Undersea Lodge in USA

Hotel Underwater USA

You can approach this undersea hotel through a 21-foot scuba dip into the Emerald Lagoon in Key Largo. Its entrance is straight through the opening on the bottom Jule’s lodge is the oldest undersea lodge in the USA. It was opened in 1986.

The name of this lodge comes from the famous author Jules Verne book ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’. In that book, an underwater submarine was at the centre of the plot.

The arriving tourists are offered delicious dining treats during their stay here. And to remind you, this undersea lodge has only two rooms!

Jules’ Undersea Lodge provides safe shelters for numerous marine animals. A constant airflow mechanism adds needful oxygen to the entire undersea hotel.

Atlantis Underwater hotel of UAE

The amazing undersea suites of Atlantis is the royal most place under the seas. For that matter, among the most expensive underwater hotels in the world!

Observing sharks from the panoramic glass windows on the bedroom walls while lying on the bed can be the costliest experience one can ever have. It was opened for the public in 2008.

The design of Atlantis underwater stay has mostly followed the theme of the great Greek Myth of Atlantis assembled with several Arabian elements which have made this place a mesmerizing blend of cultural assimilation.

Utter Inn floating hotel in Sweden

Utter Inn is the only floating underwater hotel in Sweden located near the beautiful and happy place of Stockholm. It is basically a single room undersea hotel, constructed 3 meters beneath the sea level of Lake Mälaren.

The submerged hotel is designed by Mikhael Genberg – a Swedish artist and entrepreneur opened in June 2000. It was a great success right from the very beginning as a large number of advance booking got started no sooner of its inaugural ceremony.

The single room of Utter Inn consists of a twin bed and a luxurious table. Its panoramic windows on all the directions made the stays here more inquisitive for the tourists.

Utter Inn is considered one of the most fashionable places in Sweden for spending romantic weekends. The relaxing sunbath on the wooden deck of this underwater accommodation spot is something not to be missed.

Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel, St Lucia

Lovers Deep underwater hotel is basically a submarine resort. The fanciest submarine of the Caribbean Sea is also one of the most expensive underwater hotels in the world. In fact, it is a perfect blend of thrill and luxury with an ever welcoming attitude.

The five-star hotel facility of Lovers Deep can only be enjoyed by the couples. The fascinating experience to spend a night in the most romantic way under the tides of the Caribbean Sea couples needs to book their stays from Oliver’s Travels and also ask them to go deeper into it.

This submarine resort travels mostly under the waters of the Caribbean which include the exotic islands of St. Lucia, Montserrat, Martinique, Barbados and few others.

Manta Underwater Resort in Tanzania

The Manta Resort is a floating island owned by the Psv-Zanzibar Estate in Tanzania. It is basically a modern fashioned and highly well-featured underwater accommodation resort where tourists can spend the best days of their lives with closed ones.

The Manta Resort rooms are located four meters beneath the surface level of the sea. The resort has amazingly decorated bedrooms and other needful resources.

Tourists are offered a beautiful and relaxing sunbaths spot on the deck. The stargazing at the nighttime from the same place takes every single soul far away from reality.

The nearly located Pemba Island is famous for its marine lives which is another enjoyable part during the stays at The Manta Resort.

Reaching it is quite adventurous as for that tourists need to float on a wooden boat towards the unique Manta House Reef from the island. The spectacular panoramic views of the horizon and the luxurious comforts attract every tourist to this resort every year.