Luxury Glass Trends to Watch for in 2023

There are many unique ways to integrate luxury glass doors and windows to blend with the architecture and functionality of your contemporary home. Incorporating glass doors and walls creates a fresh, modern look. Builders and designers utilize doors and windows with crisp edges and clean lines to minimize distractions. Here is a list of luxury glass trends to watch for in 2023:

Colorful Frames

While black or white colored frames are still popular, there’s a growing trend in other color palettes. Dark stormy grays, bronzes, browns, and blues are hues that are popular this year. They give both exterior and interior windows or doors a different depth and dramatic effect. They are complemented by custom wall colors and hand-selected décor to reflect each room’s unique moods and personalities. 

Slimline Sliding Doors

Slimline sliding doors are becoming more popular because they provide an open look to your space. Modern sliders have unobstructed, stunning views with their clean design. They’re embedded in the wall, floor, and ceiling, so they glide smoothly and easily without extra hardware.Luxury glass doors provide a contemporary and stylish way to bring your home and yard together. The entire wall slides into a pocket, leaving it open to nature. Others slide in on one another without obstructing the view of the outdoors.

There are perfect doors for temperate climates where you can keep them open and allow the fresh breeze to flow through your home. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a common trend in modern homes as they help to make the residence feel brighter, more comfortable, and more open. Having windows lining the walls of your home gives you breathtaking views of the landscape. They also allow more natural light to enter a home than a traditional window. These windows can also help your home become more energy efficient. The thicker glass helps regulate temperatures and light in your home which brings your utilities down.

Privacy Glass

While many homeowners love expansive views of their surroundings, they also want private spaces. Privacy glass conceals the view so you can see what’s happening outside, but a person can’t see the inside of your home from outside. Privacy glass can be smoked or colored for a darkened look. Frosted or translucent glass blurs the background by diffusing the light. Adding blinds or curtains to your windows can provide even more privacy, allowing a more intimate feel to your home.

Hinged Doors

If you’re looking for a more classic look, hinged doors come with a minimal frame. They can bring a contemporary feel to your modern home. The hardware is small and unobtrusive, so it won’t take away from your sleek look. Frames come in several different colors to match the decor of your home and range from bronze to champagne to gold.

This is a great option for your front door, where you’ll welcome your guests with a fresh new look to your home. It can accent the decor and provide a homey feel. Its thin design and hidden hinges will keep it from slamming each time a new guest arrives.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors can come in both framed and frameless models. The frameless door has masked hinges so that you can keep your view unobstructed. Their handles are long and thin, so they’re easy to open but don’t take away from the beauty of your glass door.

The framed pivot door fits in well with sliding glass doors along your wall. The handles are hidden within the frame, so it won’t take away from the look of the door. They open wide to allow a cool breeze into your home, then close securely so you can stay safe while watching the thunderstorm outside. These frames also come in several different colors. Dark bronze or satin are standard, but you can also go  with lighter bronzes or gold. 

Purchase the Best Luxury Glass Doors

Luxury glass doors have a contemporary and sleek appearance to help you add a pop of modern sophistication to your home. Choose a door made of the best material resistant to wear and tear. Consider factors such as type, size, and durability when shopping. Buy from a manufacturer with various options for glass doors, such as frameless sliding doors, frameless pivot doors, and custom designs.