Some non-alcoholic summer drinks to rejuvenate you !

This summer, feel breezy and enjoy a splash of cool. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with summer drinks when you are thirsty and super hot. Beat the heat with a drink of your choice. Some will favour the slushies’, some will go for smoothies, and other will pick iced tea. Options are galore, but what is your choice?

Apart from the cool quotient, you have to accept it that summer drinks are extremely important to hydrate the body. We are inspired to do sip more, because the heat drains the body. Constant sweating can lead to loss of minerals. It keeps the body refreshed, boosting the energy system. Some summer drinks become iconic which actually epitomize the essence of summer. Some of the drinks evoke happy memories, some help us revisit the childhood, and some remind us of long-lost friends. Sharing lemonade with a friend or sipping iced tea with your grandparents as you watch the birds fly back to their homes after a lazy sunset – all these remind you that in spite of the heat and sweat you had made some lovely memories in your life.

Summer drinks may also add extra calories to your body !

But summer drinks while hydrating the body can keep adding the extra calories. Be it iced tea, or lemonade or a strawberry slushie, everything has sugar in it. In fact, some of the heavily sweetened drinks not only quench the thirst, but creates a craving for more. Maybe it is time to think of alternative sweeteners. Having them in your drinks in moderate amounts can help to cut down the calories. Or maybe a diet soda or a diet drink can be good. They will help the body to be hydrated, but not add the extra kilos.

Healthy drink options for summer

Nothing beats cold water in summer. It will refresh you and rejuvenate you instantly.What you can do is add a slice of orange or lime to it to make it taste better. Flavoured water is becoming a fast choice. Calorie count is less and your body will be hydrated.

Have you ever thought that you can keep your body hydrated and at the same time lose weight? Well, green smoothies can do the trick. This is a drink made with green vegetables and fruits and can help you to reduce weight. Include a green smoothie in your daily routine and you will see a remarkable change. This helps in cleansing the body, detoxifying the system. It will boost the energy level, and also help in weight loss. Maybe this summer you can give it a try. You not only combat the sultry summer, but also start a wellness routine.

Let’s check out some of the cool drinks which will make your summers refreshing. Lemonade or nimbu paani is one of the all-time favourites. To make it more interesting, you can add mint leaves or black salt. It will be tasty. Some even prefer the flavour of roasted cumin seeds in this drink.

Tender coconut water is the richest natural sources of electrolytes

Coconut water has always been and will be a popular choice. Nothing beats summer than tender coconut water. If you are in South India, there is no dearth of this drink. In fact, it is one of the healthiest summer drinks. You will be instantly energized, adding no calories at all.

Jaljeera is one of the spiced Indian drinks which is famous all over in north India. It serves both as a drink and appetizer. Jaljeera is also served with different condiments like ginger, which gives it a distinctive flavour.

Sweet lassi is probably one of the most well-known drinks. A traditional drink made from yogurt, lassi can be laced with rose water, cardamom and saffron. If you are one of those health conscious people, you can opt for the salty lassi which is equally tasty. A lot of experiment is done with the drink and you can have distinctive flavours like fruit lassi, masala lassi, mango lassi (typical of summer) or strawberry lassi.

Check out the tasty chaas or buttermilk, the quintessential drink found all over India. This is also made from yogurt and can be flavoured with ginger, mint or tempered with spices and herbs.

Apart from these drinks, you can have fruit juices especially seasonal fruit juices like mango and watermelon juices. Sherbets or traditional Indian dinks made with a mix of fruits, spices and herbs are also common. The best thing about sherbets is that you can have the basic recipe and add a twist you like. Khus sherbet is a cool drink made from vetiver or khus. Your sherbet can be milk based or you can add a fruit juice as you base. Make it interesting and enjoy the drink!

This summer, experiment with your summer drinks. Who knows you may just invent one of the chart-busting drinks which will epitomize the evergreen summer!