Dangerous Trends ? – Rave Parties in India

The number of Rave parties in India is definitely on the rise and this speaks volumes about the party circuit of the country.

Rave party India One must realize that Rave culture was not always synonymous with undefined drug abuse. Rave culture began in the 1980s and was a term used to describe dance parties with fast electronic music. This type of a rave party is perfectly legal and does not cross any limits set by the law, although it might create a few problems with your neighbors’ owing to the loud music that would be played. There is good music, dancing, a DJ and perhaps food, all that which is normal in any ordinary party or discotheque.

On the other hand, the other type of rave parties that have constantly been in the news today are the ones that involving illegal drug usage and alcohol and other substance abuse. There are also various sorts of sexual activities that carry on to the wee hours of the morning, often fuelled by a mixture of different drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are mixed together to give a heady high which lasts over several hours.

Rave party India Due to the fact that such activities are certainly against the parameters set up the law, it is not easy to gain information about such rave parties, as to when they occur and the location of the party. Often, this information is sent to people mere hours before the event is to take place and a simple text message is what conveys the information. Even harder is gaining entry into such a party- often the pre requisite is to know someone on the inside. This is done so that law and order problems may be avoided.

It is interesting to note that while the concept of rave parties has been in existence from many years in Western countries, India has warmed up to the concept of rave parties only recently. Increased money in the hands of the youth of this country is leading them to find new avenues of getting that adrenalin rush. There is an increased desire to try out new things and especially things that are common in the West.

This is a dangerous new trend since not only are drugs harmful for the body but a mixture of drugs and alcohol can be fatal. Ecstasy, Viagra, Cocaine and Crystal Meth may be purchased at a rave party and may be available freely. However, they come at a high price in terms of the toll they take on the nervous system. Also, a combination of amyl nitrite and Viagra is often fatal. Besides, under the influence of these drugs or even alcohol, many sexual escapades happen, that would not take place if the persons involved were in their senses.

Rave parties in India are often held in smaller towns since police forces of the bigger cities are now becoming increasingly alert towards these kinds of gatherings. However, rave parties in Pune and Goa have recently been in the news with increasing frequency. This is a dangerous trend in India, one example of where we should not be blindly aping the West.