Shillong–Mawlynnong-Dawki : Road Attractions

Dawki situated on Indo-Bangladesh Border is known for its crystal clear lake – Umngot river.

This attraction also offers Living root bridge (Revai village) and cleanest Asian village – ‘Mawlynnong’ on the travel route.

These are some interesting things you get to see on Shillong-Dawki road of Meghalaya.

Highway Shacks


It is a small restaurant some 15 kilometers from Shillong Town on Dawki Shillong road.

At the broad day light you can see moon (even when there is a sun ! ) in the sky from here.

If you have forgotten your breakfast , this place, is a nice halt to have some tea , breakfast and refreshment. 

Broom Grass Forests


The main occupation in the villages of the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is broom-grass cultivation.

A heavy forest of grass plants falls on both sides of the road on the way to Revai Village Root bridge near Mawlynnong village.

Betel Nuts Forests


On the road to Dawki from Mawlynnong village you will come across heavy forest of Betel Nut trees.

The Pan (Betel) cultivators use these trees to support the vines.

Borhill Falls


Just 5 km before the Umngot River you will come across a beautiful waterfall called Borhill Falls flowing town towards Sylhet border area of Bangladesh.

Pari’s Food Center


It is a small clean restaurant on NH 40 on Shillong-Dawki-Tamabil road  in Pomshutia Village.

There is a typical Orange tree just outside this hotel.