6 things to observe in Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong – ‘ the cleanest village of Asia’ is located 90 km from Shillong on your way to Dawki to see famous Umngot river.

1 Green & Clean Village


You will come across this signboard as soon as you get down from from vehicle and enter the village.

All around the village there is a concrete road which will will take you past small wooden houses with colourful green gardens

2 Small Post Office


Mawlynnong village which has a population of 500 individuals also has a small post office.

This post office is managed by a 22-year-old guy educated from Shillong.

3 Plastic Free !


The parking lot area of Mawlynnong has this signboard which is a guideline for tourists what they can and what not do in this village.

You are not allowed to litter or spread plastic garbage’s in this village.

4 Eateries & Refreshments


Around the parking lot area you will come across small eateries selling local dishes and refreshments.

At Naphi Food stall , you can enjoy local food in a Khasi Home atmosphere.

5 Accommodation in Mawlynnong


There are no hotels in Mawlynnong but you can find village guest houses or homestays to spend some time in peace.

If you get a chance to stay do not forget to have an  early morning walk in this serene and quite village

6 Shopping in Mawlynnong


Shopping in Mawlynnong Village

The items made of bamboo and wood is a famous offering for the tourist to shop for.Bamboo hats , dustbins , handbags , baskets are the items you can buy here.

The key rings with ‘Gift of Mawlynnong’ written on it can also be spotted in these souvenir shops.The woolen mufflers are also famous of here.