Review of Hotel Tenancy Gangtok – Dissecting the pros and the cons !

In the month of half past , May this year , i was on a trip to Darjeeling and Gangtok.It was a plan of the eleventh hour and the budget hotel i decided to book was ‘Hotel Tanancy’  which , i thought , would be better in terms of proximity to the MG Mall road.I was travelling the other way round i.e. first visited Darjeeling and then took the Darjeeling-Gantok Road to explore the Gangtok city and Nachi.

The weather was comparatively warmer in Gangtok and i was sweating.I was surprised to see that the hotel i checked-in was not having any fan or air-conditioners.The weather was , however , changed by the evening.

This is my personal review about this hotel from perspectives vital for the other travelers.

MG Road is near but need to climb staircases

The way to MG mall road of Gangtok is a walk through steep staircases from the hotel

Hotel Tenancy has proximity to the city’s main center ‘MG Road’.It takes hardly 10 minutes to reach the MG market from this hotel.However , the journey is not so easy.You will need to climb at least 100 odd staircases to reach the market from the backside entry points.The shortcut to MG market is on Singtam – Chungthang Road (Upper Tadong) on the other side of Hotel Hungry Jack.I had a chance to taste the Thukpa soup in Hungry Jack and i found them really good.As far as senior citizens are concerned it would be a difficult journey from this hotel to MG market.

The owner also runs another hotel name ‘Sunny Guest House’ which is located near Hungry Jack .

Panoramic View of the city from the balcony

Sipping a cup of tea in the morning from Hotel Tanency's Balcony

The hotel has a balcony beside the dining room where you can have a spectacular view of the Gangtok city.The deluxe view rooms of this hotel also provides a nice view of the mountains and the greeneries around.

Hotel’s vicinity is dirty


The hotel does not look too impressive from externally.The vicinity is rather dirty and seems like to be situated in a ghetto.It’s a walk on the dirty path connecting the hotel to the main road behind the private taxi stand for Pelling.

Taxi rates are comparatively cheaper

The taxi service rates by Hotel Tanacy seemed normal

The other thing I noticed about this hotel was that the taxi rates are genuine unlike the random taxis you pickup from the city or the Pelling taxi stand which falls on the way to the hotel.I would advise the travelers to prefer arranging the taxis through the hotels only.There has been reports of crimes by taxi drivers.The rash and drunken driving is also not uncommon in the state.

One more thing! You can not approach this hotel straightaway. The taxis will drop you only till the pelling taxi stand and from there you will have to walk down the lane to the hotel with all your luggages.

The in-house Kitchen

Hotel Tenancy food was good.The small restaurent is located on the top floor with an attached View Blacony

The benefit of this hotel is that it has an in-house kitchen aka restaurant which is situated on the top floor.They serve all kinds of food but you will need to climb the staircase to reach the top floor.The taste of food was good in my view.

There is no ‘on-demand’ kind of thing and you need to order the dishes in advance which they prepare fresh.However for lunch and dinner you are required to order until 8 AM and 8 PM respectively which for some travelers may look awkward.The hotel does not allow outside eatables to their rooms.

And yes ! The road to the hotel has a momo shop near taxi stand counter which prepares excellent momos.

Owner is impolite and unfriendly

Tanency's Hotel Owner is too loud and does not coperate if you forget to bring xerox of your identity cards.

The owner of the hotel , to me , seemed to be an an impolite and unfriendly person.I won’t say the same words for the staff of the hotel including the Manager (the person with a bow), who are very cordial.

As soon as I entered the hotel he threw a rules and regulations booklet in front of me.That seems , insulting , considering at least every traveler knows in general what to do and what not.

The other thing is that , incase , if you have no Xerox copies of  identity cards he will send you far away to get just a photocopy.The hotel does not care to keep at least an inexpensive three in one printer (with copier) which can help travelers (tired of the journey) in odd hours.