Looking for Maggi alternatives ? Checkout These !

To be very candid, it was not a pleasant morning for many of us when the shocking news came out. It sounds queer but for many it was real heart-wrenching news that ‘Maggi may be banned’. The news pierced every Indian’s heart. Students and people who stayed in the hostel and considered it their lifeline after a hard day’s work found it chaotic. Maggi had been the ideal snacks for countless bachelors and insomniacs in India. The first question that came to their minds was how could they ban it? After all, everyone knows how Maggi has unofficially become the acknowledged national snack of our country.

While many of us had been keenly waiting for the final judgment with respect to lifting of Maggi’s ban, the million dollar question had been how to handle our cravings till then? There is no doubt about the uniqueness of the 2-minute noodles though. But there are so many alternative snacks for you that can actually help you to fill up the void that has been left by Maggi’s ban.

We have tried to achieve the impossible here as we present some healthy and homemade snacks that can taste as good as your loved Maggi. Though it may take you more than 2 minutes to cook these items, yet they would simply taste delicious.

Sevai noodles

Sevai Noodles mixed with carrots and capsicum is also a good option

Sevai noodles are one of the best replacements for Maggi. You can add plenty of cottage cheese and fresh vegetables to make them real healthy. Internet is a great place to surf for some yummy sevai noodles recipe. So you can now treat yourself with this delicious meal now that is both healthy and tasty.

Mac with cheese

Little spicy cheese-macaroni is not a bad idea either!

Thomas Jefferson gifted an exotic recipe to the Americans when he introduced Macaroni and cheese from Paris. Though Macaroni with cheese have their origins in Paris but the credit for making it popular lies with the people of America. Making Macaroni and cheese is quite simple and is extremely mouth-watering. In fact you can finish eating it up within two minutes.


Spiced Poha with lemon and coriander leaves  is also a viable alternative

Many people look down at this Indian dish but if it is cooked properly with the right type of ingredients, Poha is one of the healthiest possible snacks that you will ever treat yourself and you need not even compromise on its taste and nutritional value. Garnish the Poha with herbs, groundnuts, namkeen or sev to make it tastier and more interesting.


Fresh Salad

Salads with chickpeas may not be the best but a quick to make alternative

We do not want you to follow Subway; we simply want you to find a good replacement. Fresh salad is quite easy to make and carries all the ingredients that are best for your health. You can simply chop a few vegetable, sprinkle some yummy cheese, add some mayo and simply whip it all. The salad is tasty, colorful and last but not the least, healthy. How about adding some yellow capsicum so that the shade is closer to your favorite Maggi?


Chilla takes little time and tastes best with coriader or coconut chatni

Many people regard chilla as a ‘vegetarian omette’ and it is an immensely popular dish. There are different varieties of chilla that you can try out but Besan chilla is arguably the best out of them. You can enjoy your chilla with some red tomato sauce or with cream cheese.

Bread Poha

 Bread poha can be easily prepared with herbs , peas , groundnuts and lemons

Bread poha is one of the most famous snacks in Indian households. You are not likely to find it at restaurants and yet it is liked equally by all age groups in a family. It is a simple recipe of cooking bread pieces with vegetables and exotic spices. You can garnish the bread poha by adding herbs, peas, groundnuts and other items. Children would simply love it as tasty evening snacks for sure.