5 Extremely Popular Video Games among Women around the World

Even Games have ported themselves to Android and other smart phones , not all games are meant for females  Most types of them are not really the sort that women would love to play. It all depends on the taste of women, some may prefer intense and violent action games, but most of them doesn’t not prefer the ones that men play. When it comes to the women’s liking, there are many types of games in different categories that will give endless hours of entertainment.

Video games are not restricted to computers. With latest gadgets available in the market, you can play games on your smartphone, tablets and even consoles. There are many games in the market, which women love and play to the fullest. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous games that women love to play around the world.

5 Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto has been a popular game among girls

One would only be a fool to not have heard the name of Grand Theft Auto in the gaming world. Rockstar Games have hit the ball out of the park, by creating one of the most successful games in computer and consoles. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most loved games, highly played by men and women alike.

The game has been such an immense success that every game released in the series has earned the company billions of dollars. The game offers you to role play the characters, who basically can do anything in the game. You must play the regular missions, which are not so ordinary and even play, drive, steal, kill and date in the game. It is the most ideal game for women to enjoy hundreds of hours of fun and excitement without blinking an eye.

No matter the game you choose, all these games will continue to entertain you irrespective of its genre. Any phone or gadget you pick, it is sure going to have the games installed in it. Regardless of the age, women has been playing games in any way they can, in any format. The above mentioned games are the most popular in the world, where women from all the parts of the world will have them installed in their respective gadgets.

4 Mario Kart

Mario has admirers among among too considering Mario Kart's popularity among women

Everyone loves sport games. Unlike men, who prefer those adrenaline gushing sports games, women prefer more funny games and Mario Kart falls in the category. It is the racing style Karting game, which is considered to be the trademark released from the Nintendo. The game was first released in Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 90s.

It was a huge success and has continued to improve since then. With so much addiction, women cannot get their hands off the console, while playing this game. The game provides fun in a race to be first in the event. Women always love playing this game.

3 Tetris

Due to its simplicity Tetris is famous among women

One of the oldest games, ever to be released into the gaming world, still manages to grab the attention throughout the world. Initially, the game received a huge success in earlier gaming consoles made for playing 8-bit games. Those games have faded now, but Tetris doesn’t end its reign so easily.

This game is a simple and fun. It follows the logic and reasoning of the individual to put the set of shapes in such a manner that it doesn’t fill the box as shown in the screen or else you lose the game. While, this game is deceptively simple, it provides endless hours of entertainment for men and women alike. However, women are the ones that love this game very much.

2 The Sims

The Sims has a record success among women

One of the most successful computer games is The Sims. It is a life simulation game, created by EA games, is packed with endless hours of entertainment.

The game is all about the everyday life of the characters, as portrayed in the game. You have the freedom to see the life of a character, which is a complete sandbox adventure, meaning you can do anything you wish in the game, within the boundaries of the game.

Your task in the game is to set the characters in the house and fulfill their desires. Not just that, players can build their own homes and decorate the house to their liking. This is something women surely loves to play. It has a record success among women, who want to pass their leisure time.

1 Candy Crush

Candy Crush is perhaps the most popular android video games among girls

Odds are that you would hardly know anyone who has not heard about Candy Crush Saga. Chances are very high that one of your family, relatives or friends might have Candy Crush installed on their smartphone or tablet. This game has gained a huge attention throughout the world at an exponential rate. This is such an addicting game that players even forget about anything happening around them.

The game follows by an endless level of episodes with different requirements to clear it. King is the company behind creating such a huge success in the gaming world. This game is available in both Android and ITunes, so anyone having a smartphone can play this game.

This game can be installed without paying any charges, hence you will get limitless hours of fun right at the touch of the fingers. Women adore this game in the bottom of their heart. It is one of the biggest success among women. What’s more exciting is that this game never ends, the creators keep on adding new levels to never put a stop on the fun of playing the game.