Showbiz – Rising Popularity Of 3D Films

The popularity of 3D films has increased drastically nowadays. Almost every movie is being released in 3D and is gaining much popularity amongst the crowd, and why not? Those big black glasses which give those realistic effects attract many audiences for the 3D movies. It is real fun to have a popcorn tub in one hand and cold drink in the other and enjoy the 3D effects of a movie with the glasses on in a nice theatre.


3D’s Topping Charts

Many of the recent movie releases are 3D and they have even topped the charts. Some of the 3D movies launched are Avatar, KungFu Panda 2, Haunted 3D, Finding Nemo, Clash of the Titans, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story, Monsters, The incredible, Cars, Antz, Small Soldiers, Shrek, Shark Tale, Chicken Run, Ice Age, Robots, The Lion King and many more are yet to be released. All the age groups love the 3D movies and are demanding more from of the 3D movies from the movie industries. Not only movies but nowadays even the games are being launched in the 3D format because of the rising demand from the users and audiences.


Profitable Business for Promoters

The main companies involved with the launch of 3D films are DreamWorks Animations, Pixar Animation Studio, and Walt Disney. These companies are on the peak of gaining popularity through their 3D releases. All the releases done by these companies have broken the records and have also topped the list of best sellers. The popularity of 3D films has increased so much that the average yields the companies are gaining comes around $ 100 million in the US box office collections. If the film is a hit, then this yield rises up to more than $500 million.


Craze For 3D Movies In The Crowd

Believe it or not, 3D films will overtake the other films in the market till the time there is the invention of even better extra dimensional effects. The 3D technology has improved itself a lot in the recent years; therefore the craze for 3D movies in the crowd is obviously expected. Apart from the 3D movies being shown in the theatres, electronic companies are coming up with 3D televisions to make the audience experience the same thrill at the comfort of your home. Now you can enjoy all your favorite 3D movies on your TV screens as well.


India’s Presence in 3D Market Scene

The popularity of 3D films is on hike also due to the partnerships being done by various companies. For instance many of the companies are tying up with animation studios for their new releases. Recent surveys showed that an Italian production company patched up with an Indian animation academy for their new release named “Tommy and Oscar”.

Most of the US animation cartoons are being developed by the animation studios in India as well as other parts of the world. You won’t be surprised if you see thousands of production companies coming up in the 3D film industry and compete with others to make their stand. 3D movies have now become a fantasy for each and every person and this is the reason why the numbers of 3D productions are on hike.