Chakreshwar Temple Guwahati : Old Vishnu Temple & Awesome viewpoint!

Not far away from Kamakhya temple , Chakreshwar Temple is a famous Lord Vishnu temple in Guwahati city.  The temple’s specialty is Lord Vishnu’s Chakra (weapon) impression naturally embossed on a large rock.

Situated near the  Bhutnath area of Guwahati, the temple offers an awesome viewpoint where you can spent some time in a peaceful environment. 

This beautiful temple (mandir in hindi) is kinda hidden and even many locals do not know about it, but this place is worth to be at when in Guwahati.

The temple can reached by first reaching the Maharishi Vidya Mandir of Kalipur and then take the road adjacent to this school.

The temple is just a few metres away from this school.

Temple Entrance

Temple Entrance of Chakreshwar Guwahati

At the entrance of this temple you can see the sculptor of Lord Krishna driving the chariot.

The temple is nicely decorated with beautiful engravings on the wall.It is one of the best ancient temples of Guwahati.

Chakreshwar main Temple’s Rock

Chakreshwar Temple’s ancient Rock

The main temple of Chakreshwar has a large rock which has an impression of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra (weapon) impression on it.

According to the mythology when Lord Vishnu dismembered Sati’s lifeless body his Sudarshana Chakra had struck this rock.

Viewpoint of Chakreshwar Temple

Viewpoint of Chakreshwar Temple

After getting down a few steps from the main temple you will come across this view point from where you can gaze the panoramic view of river Brahmaputra.

There are concrete benches below the trees where you can sit and admire the beauty of the river.

The temple has undergone a sea change and now more statues are being added to enhance the beauty.

River Scale Pillar

pillar surface at Chakreshwar Temple of Guwahati

There is a vertical pillar surface that serves to indicate the height reached by the Brahmaputra river during floods.

The statue of resting Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi is sculpted on the scale.

During the monsoon season in Guwahati the water reaches near the feet of Lord Vishnu.

Straight from the pillar you can also clearly see the peacock island of Brahmaputra river where the other famous – Umananda Temple of Guwahati is situated.