Tawang from Guwahati : route , distances and attractions on the way

Most of the tourist journey for Tawang begins from Guwahati.

Other than exploring Tawang , its road trip is itself a self discovering journey.

To reach this place roads are the only means of transportation and tourists need special permissions which can be arranged by the travel operators.

Jaswantgarh War Memorial

Jaswantgarh is dedicated to a 22 year old soldier who died fighting bravely in the 1962 Indo-China war

Jaswantgarh , 20 km from Sela pass , is an important place dedicated to martyr rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat.The man had shown an exemplary bravery by lonely retaining an army  post against the Chinese Army for 3 days before he was shot in head.

Jaswant Singh Rawat has earned the status of a saint for the locals.Now there is also a temple named after him where passing by soldiers stop an pay a tribute before leaving.The Indian army keeps at least half-a-dozen personnel here to take care of Rawat as if he is alive

Jung water falls


You can enjoy the thunderous gigantic water fall , Jung , with its enormous size making a huge sound when the water hits the rocks.

The surrounding mountains and flowing water at the bottom of the falls multiplies the beauty of the place.

The water droplets blown away by the winds can drench you within seconds so do not forget to ready with an extra pair of clothes.

Nameri National Park

You can have lunch at Namero Eco Camp situated on Guwahati-Tawang road

Nameri National Park , 216 kms from Guwahati , falls on the way to Tawang.It is a popular lunch stoppage for the tourists before , Dirang , the night halt place.

Nameri is 35 kilometers from Tezpur (where road branches off for Kaziranga National Park) was declared a reserve park in 1979 and houses 300 different species of birds.

Dirang to Tawang

12 kms from Dirang across Dirang river lies Sangti valley where you can find kiwi orchards, orange tree and apple farms

The most interesting and difficult route for this journey is from Dirang to Tawang which is uphill.

From Dirang you can visit Sangti valley – known for its beautiful landscapes , across the beautiful Dirang river some 12-15 kms away.

Tourists from Guwahati use Dirang an an overnight destination before leaving for Tawang in the morning.Distance from Dirang to Tawang is 129 km according to the Google Map. However, considering the speed of the vehicle it is 150 KMs .

The more you move towards Tawang  the more near you reach the Indo-China Border. We arrived at Sela pass on reaching about 68 kilometers from Dirang.

Sela Pass

The beautiful snow covered Sela Pass near Dirang on Guwahati-Tawang route

Sela Pass is 13780 feet above from the sea level and is 56 kms from Dirang.

Due to a high altitude here you may feel breathlessness only after some steps.To counter this ,  keep drinking water during your journey.

The temperature at Sela Pass changes with the blink of an eye. From Sela pass

Tawang remains an 87 kms journey from here.The best time to visit here is November-December.  

How to reach Tawang

Guwahati-Tawang Road Route

The best way to reach Tawang is to start your journey from  Guwahati. After that you can proceed to Twang by the road route. A special permissions is required from the government for Tawang visit because it is a border area and very near to China border.

If you are buying some packages any Travel firm then your headache will be theirs.After 400 kms from Guwahati , you can make a stay in Dirang for the overnight stay.

ALthough the distance of Tawang from Dirang is only 129 kilometers , due to the bad road conditions , it takes about seven hours to reach the destination..