Tanjore paintings – Another speciality of the city

The famous Tanjore paintings are a form of its traditional art which has played a major role in bringing fame to India on the world stage.In these paintings regional religious beliefs and mythological events have been the main topics.The painting of Hindu deities , the main subject of the art , appear to become lively when one sees them.

Tanjore art has been a uniqueness of this town which is 300 kms from Chennai , the states Capital.

This city is also popular for 1000 years old Brihadeshwara temple and dancing dolls.

Flourished by Kings Patronization

Chola Kings decorated their Palaces with Tanjore Paintings

One of the great traditional art forms , Thanavur paintings , which were earlier known as Thanjavur art has been a style of painting which has a rich princely inheritance.

The painting gets its inspiration from mythology.It also shows that spirituality drives inspiration for these religious mater pieces.There are handful forms of art in India that matches the beauty and grandeur of Tanjore paintings.

The paintings flourished greatly during the reign of mighty Chola empire.The successors of the Chola dynasty patronized this art which resulted in its development and popularity.Initially the palaces were decorated with these paintings but later on it became a house hold decoration accessory.

Unique Features of Tanjore Paintings

Tanore paintings use expensive stones and jems in decoration along with gold plating work

The paintings are an excellent example of art and craft whose main inspiration comes from Hindu mythology.Krishna is the beloved god, whose pictures have been made in different mudras or poses depicting different phases of his life.

The unique features of Tanjore painting are the decoration of colors , Jewellery decoration with glass and gems and gold plated works.The use of gold plating and precious-semi-precious stones have given these paintings a grand look. They have put the life in such a way as if pictures appear to be in a real form.

Use of Diamonds and Gems

These paintings were the real treasures at one point of time when gems , diamonds and precious stones were actually used in these paintings along with typical gold plating.

As the time changed , semi-precious stone begins to be used for the purpose but what has still not changed is the use of gold plating.