10 Ultimate Places to visit in Kolkata City !

Popular French author Dominique Lapierre has called Kolkata a ‘City of Joy’.

You can experience the brighter side of life here reflected in its fun , food and festivity.There are several structures of colonial era here.Check out these awesome places to visit in Kolkata.

Mother Teresa Museum

Mother Teresa Museum of Kolkata

Mother Teresa did many unique works in her lifetime to spread love and peace .

The people who understand Mother Teresa better  must visit Mother House.The objects related to Teresa has been kept in the museum .Her belongings like sandal and saris have been showcased in the museum .

The museum also has rooms where Mother had worked and her bed room .Every thing in this room is kept as it is when she left .

Marble Palace


Marble Palace is a neo classical architecture made with 26 types of Italian marbles .This palace merchant was constructed by by King Rajendra Mallick and his descendants still live in parts of  that palace.

The architecture and crafts of this palace is an example of Victorian style .The external appearance of this palace reflects Bangla architecture where there are open rooms and open field in front doors.

South Park Street Cemetery


South Park street cemetery is a place to feel peace and relaxation from the hustle-bustle of urban life .

There are several British Era graves here and Henry Derozio’s grave is the main attraction..The entry fee is Rs 20 (Rs 50 for Photography)  and you can see beautiful natural views at this place.

Teratti morning street 


You can see yellow taxis and hand drawn carts on the road in Kolkata . But there is a big unique market in the city where you can get it’s hidden treasurer . Terrati morning street is famous for its tasty street food .

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple


Dakshineshwar Kali Temple of Goddess Kali is located in the north east of Hooghly River .This temple was built by queen Rashmoni in the year of 1885 .There is also a great importance of this temple in the life of Ramakrishna Paramhans.

There is a big statue of Goddess Kali established in this temple and thousands of lotus flowers made of silver can be seen under the idol of Goddess Kali .

Traditional clay utensils


Kumortuli  is famous for traditional clay utensils of Kolkata where crafts appears vibrant. The idols of God and Goddess of the Hinduism are sculpted on this place .These idols are exported to other places of the country as well as abroad .

If you are interested to see how beautiful idols are made then you must visit this place .

Howrah Bridge


Howrah Bridge is an example of an ancient engineering marvel. The whole bridge is made without any nut and bolt and is the busiest bridge of the world. It connects Howrah to Kolkata. Walking over this bridge on the Hooghly river is a wonderful experience.

Also, another relatively newly constructed bridge called – Vidyasagar Setu happens to be among the most famous bridges in India.

Victoria Memorial


The construction of this colonial era wonderful place is dedicated to Queen Victoria of Britain .It has a museum displaying ancient and antiques of warfare and weapons on ancient times.This palace is constructed in mix of  British , European , Mughal and Indian architectural style.

Kolkata Museum


One of the oldest theme parks in Kolkata , Science City , holds attraction to children.It is really a good place to learn science concepts in practical..

It was established by Council of National Science Museum .

Kalighat Kali temple


This temple of Goddess Kali is also known as Kalighat and is a unique center of faith in the city.

As per Hindu Epics, It is believed that the four fingers of the right leg of Goddess Sati had fallen here.It is among the 51 Shaktipeeth’s in India. The tongue of Goddess Kali is made of gold .