8 magical moments for India !

In a country like India you can find many kinds of culture and language.It’s 5 thousand year old civilization and sharp diversity in climate ,tradition and culture where more than 50 languages is spoken is enough to prove it.

Despite of diversity there are many magical moments that touched the heart of Indian’s and feeling of solidarity reflected.These are some..

1 Pokhran Nuclear Test 1974

India's Declared itself a Nucler State

Pokhran first nuclear test surprised many and was a fitted reply to the then western approach that we could not carry such complex task .This first underground nuclear test drew attention towards India’s rising milary power. The nuclear test was executed by a group of Indian scientist under the head of Rajagopala Chidambaran. In the group of scientist, our former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was also the one.

Pokhran Nuclear Test II

In the year 1998, Pokhran II were prefectly executed even though India were under the surveillance of other countries. The credits of this goes to the Indian scientist who are involved in this famous project.India’s nuclear program has been started and progressing keeping threat from China in mind.

2 World cup 1983

Kapil made India proud in 1983

Wining the Cricket World cup 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev is the emotional moment. There were no expectation on the match as the match is against the powerful West Indies. All the people thought that, its going to be west indies game. The mighty West Indies were out beaten by the young guns from India.

3 V.V.S Laxman’s 281 Knock

Roaring VVS Lakshman turned the tables at Eden Gardens.

Indian’s were pushed behind the wall for three days.Playing in follow on the VVS-Dravid duo magically turned it upside down.The 16-0 test win streak by Australia was broken , Lakshman got the Very Very Special title.V.V.S Laxman and Rahul Dravid partnership of more than 400 runs which provided the victory against Australia after the push of follow-on in Indian soil is the magical moments. Laxman scored 281 in this match which was the highest at that time.

4 20-20 World cup 2007

India won its 2nd world cup title in 20-20 cricket

Victory against Pakistan in the 20-20 World cup in 2007 is another famous moments. This time the Indian team is filled with young players and is captained by Mahinder Singh Dhoni. There were two happiness, one is winning against Pakistan and other is the world cup.

The win cleared doubts about the able successor of Saurav Ganguli. MS Dhoni who was selected as a stop gap arrangement at the last moment of the tour but Team India Captain firmed his place.

5 A.R. Rehman’s Oscar

Rehman won the highly coveted Oscar Award

Top Indian Music Director, A.R. Rehman who won two oscar award for the excellent piece of music in the hollywood movie, slumdog millionaire. He is the first Indian to get a oscar awards.Truly a magical moments for India when the pioneer of experimental music in India got global recognition of his mettle.

6 Olympic’s first gold

Abhinav Bindra got the first gold medal for India in Olympics

It was magical to hear the Indian National Anthem at Olympics.The 50+ year drought for Olympics Gold was over.

Abhinav bindra did that in shooting at the Beijing Olympics that every sports person in India dreams of.

7 Chandrayan 1

Chandrayan signifies our maturing Space Programme

India’s first un-manned flight Chandrayan 1 sent to the space from Sriharikota to monitor the moon. This will monitor the moon for two years and sends the information required for the next achievement. This is the greatest achievement by India in the space research.

8 IPL’s Success

Modi and IPL

Love Modi or hate him ! He did what BCCI could not do over the years.The mixture of glamor , entertainment and cricket. IPL changed the attitude of players towards 50-50 and Test Games as more runs are being chased in last two forms of cricket these days.

The flow of money surprised the western world and confirmed the powerful economy that India has grown into.IPL has since became a ‘Golden Hen’ for BCCI and similar format is being tested by England , Australian cricket boards.The top entertainment program from the BCCI, IPL is listed in the top sports oriented entertainment show in the world. This is the most significant part as cricket from India has reached a world level.