Fashion Photography As A Career In India

Career for today’s generation is not just limited to engineering or becoming doctors.It is a lot more than this.Nowadays , there no field which is considered to be a wastage of time and money.Whatever career you choose will make you gain heights in that particular field.No matter what you want to do , whether it be music, fashion, photography, sciences or anything , you will get many platforms to succeed yourself. One such field of career is the fashion photography.Fashion photography in India has gained great hype in the world of education and careers.

Creativity & Passion is needed

A fashion photographer needs to be creative amd passionate about his work

Fashion is being widely promoted nowadays and therefore fashion photography has become so famous amongst the generation today that they are choosing it as a profession. This field is the best for people who have an artistic mind and have unique vision towards fashion and beauty. This genre of photography is focused on the display of fashion clothing and accessories and other fashion items.This type of photography is mostly done for the magazines, newspapers and other such media reviews and displays. Fashion photography is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is needs a person to be really very creative and passionate towards photography as well as fashion. Sometimes a fashion photographer may have to travel up to different places and therefore in one way he should be a traveler also.

Reputed Institutes offering skill development

There are many institutes and schools teaching fashion photography. As such there are no pre-requisites for learning fashion photography or becoming a fashion photographer. But there are some diploma courses or degrees offered by some institutes which can be pursued before going into the profession of a fashion photographer.One such institute is National Institute of Fashion Technology. It has various branches located all over India from where you can pursue various courses in the field of fashion including fashion photography.

Top institutes offering courses in fashion photography

Top Institutes In India To Learn Fashion Photography

1 National Institute of Fashion Technology
2 Film and Television Institute in Pune
3 Academy of Photography in Kolkata
4 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad

Communication & Technical Skills

Some skills which are required to become a fashion photographer include some technical skills as there is the need of various new technologies in the field of fashion photography, Artistic sensibility which is the most important skill required, the ability to work with a team and as a team is very important for a fashion photographer as you will have to work with a large unit and communicate with many people in the unit and finally you need to have the talent of doing everything in an organized manner.

General Nature of Work And Pay Packets

Ace Indian Fashion Photographers - Atul Kasbekar , Dabboo Ratnani And Rony Kaula (Left to Right)

Fashion photography requires the following work to be done on a daily basis:
  • Photographs of various models need to be clicked on the specified venue or studio.
  • Make the models and other team members feel comfortable to work with you.
  • Should be able to work well with the new technology and should have the knowledge of mixing and matching various colors and lightings and effects.

Fashion photography can offer a great salary to the photographers which range from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 on an annual basis.In Indian perspect the starting salary may be around 2.5 –3.0 Lakh rupees.One can also earn money from web by setting up a website and selling photographs online.