5 symbols considered to bring bad omen in Indian culture

We all know that since India is a secular nation, it is a land of many religions. And just like a religion changes after some kilometers the same goes for the languages that are spoken in India. There are several superstitions that are practiced in India and they are not related to any religion in the country but it is also true that many times some of the superstitions are indirectly or directly influenced by such factors. Superstitions are not something new in the lives of almost every Indian during his or her growing years. In fact, gradually these superstitions have conquered the minds of many Indians in such a fashion that many Indians get subconsciously or unconsciously carried away by these superstitions and the minds start accepting these superstitions as perfectly normal and logical deeds. This happens as many of us have to face such superstitions quite frequently as a part and parcel of our daily chores and they stop affecting us after a certain time period, but when people observe us, they can certainly feel that there is a distinct change in the way we are behaving as these superstitions start influencing us.

Here are some of the things that are regarded to being bad omen in the Indian culture:

1 Are you just about to go out of your house?

Sneezing just before leaving for somewhere is considered a bad omen in India

Well, this one actually takes the cake. Many of us have faced the practice of this superstition time and again. You are just about to step out of your house and someone suddenly sneezes right in front of you. This is regarded as an extremely bad omen and believers of this superstition say that the work that you are going to perform will not materialize if someone sneezes just before you are about to leave the house. Similar way if someone calls from back when you are going out, it is believed that your journey will not yield any results. However if you think logically and practically, you can actually realize that someone sneezing or calling us cannot prevent us from completing our work.

2The Number 13 syndrome

Even a progressive city like Chandigarh does not have Sector 13

This superstition is pretty common and live in the minds and the hearts of various people in and around India. Number 13 arouses fear and anxiety in many people’s lives. You may have seen many people who do not perform any big or auspicious task or commence a new business venture on the 13th of a month. If 13th falls on a Friday, it is considered to be worse. This superstition is so big that Chandigarh, which is the capital of Punjab and Haryana, does not have a Sector 13.

3A broken mirror invites fights or quarrels

Broken Mirror in a house is considered to evoke quarrels and fights with other people in India

If your cutlery which is made of glass has accidentally broken down or you suddenly have a broken mirror in your house, a person tries to throw it off as promptly as possible. There are many people who believe that keeping such broken glass pieces in your house may invite unnecessary quarrels and fights with other people. Such people can be your neighbors, family members or even a stranger who was walking down the road. There is a viewpoint that such a superstition might have been created to dispose of the pieces of glasses so that no one gets hurt. So the superstition was created to induce a fear among people.

4Shaking your legs brings bad omen

Shaking of legs when sitting idle is considered to bring ill fate in India

Many of you may remember those incidents from your childhood days when your elders told you to stop shaking your legs when sitting idle. And when were curious to know why you should stop shaking you legs, they would say that doing so would bring bad omen in the family. However, there is no logical reason as shaking of legs is done unintentionally by our bodies to maintain the heat of our bodies by regulating the body temperature. So it cannot be linked to a bad omen at all.

5 A black cat crosses your way

Black Cat crossing your way  is considered to be a bad omen,one of the most common superstition that India still follows

This is such a prominent superstition that people have actually identified it as an integral part of their lives. There are people who stop moving ahead or even change their path when they see a black cat crossing their way. By mistake, if they do walk on the same way that the cat crossed, they are extremely fearful about the negative consequences of their actions though a black cat may not be the cause of it.