The story of Nakki lake of Mount Abu !

It is said that the Nakki lake was created by the Gods who dug the Lake with their nails.So , it came to be called the Nakki Lake. Name Nakh ki Lake gradually became Nakki Lake.

According an another legend,the local King had a condition for his daughter’s wedding,that the person who will dig a Lake in one night ,The King will marry his Princess with him.It is said that a local resident Rasia Balaam had fulfilled that condition,but the King refused his promise .

The temple of The Princess and the local resident is situated behind Jain Temple near the Nakki Lake.

Legend says that Nakki Lake was created by Gods with their nails

A Tourist Activities Hub

In Mount Abu , Nakki lake is the center for tourist activities.At the lake , boating  obviously , is a must- do activity.You will find both the motor boats as well as the row boats.The area around is closely merged with forests,lakes and rocky terrains.You can experience many quiet moments with your family even amid all that commotion.

Boating in Nakki Lake is one of the most charming attractions of Mount Abu. It is a pristine and clean lake  and it is worth making a ride on its water.The first thing in the morning  you should do is to get there as earlier as possible to enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

Visitors however are reluctant to getup early and boating at sunset is rather more popular.It’s best to negotiate with someone to get you on to the lake in the early morning ,your hotel staff should be able to help organize this.

There are the usual rowboats,at Nakki ,a few motorboats,and even some kitschy stuff such as boats shaped like swans.Great for a photo opportunity,but you’re better off with a good paddle boat and a sound oarsman who, after the mandatory rounds  and view of Todays Rock,can point out to you different birds by the shoreline (carry binoculars) and close to the forested ridges of the lake .

For that alone,it’s worth the effort of getting to the lake at down.The early bird may get the worm,but you’ll catch the birdsong.