The best Fragrant Flowers to have in your Garden !

The world is surrounded with many beautiful things. Nature has its own way of sharing the beauty. Flowers are particularly a sort that can tell a lot about nature’s charisma and magnificence. Anyone can tell a difference between a regular plant and a flowering plant. Flowers on top of the plant display a unique mixture of varied colors, providing an awe inspiring stare. Gardens are the perfect place to spot such type of plants, where you can see endless lines of blossoming plants of different varieties. Ever wondered why these plants look so good in the flocks. True that these plants require a special caring and it requires proper understanding of raising a plant to make them grow with full effect

One thing about the plant that can be easily determined is their beauty. You may not be able to grow all the plants seen in the public gardens, but some are definitely worth growing in your home lawn. Blossoming plants are always the best choice for any house. You don’t want those thorny plants in your house. Flowering plants are good enough ornament for your house, but having a strong aroma even enhances the beauty. Fragrance derived from many flowers can be described as the most beautiful experience of nature. The natural chemical derived from the flowers is the reason to exhibit such a beautiful aroma. Having such pleasant smelling plants in your home is sure going to woo many guests with a warmth. More so, it will give that pleasure and joyous feeling in the house. Such plants attract many birds and insects, which will influence your house with nature’s delight. Imagine walking down someone’s house and you are greeted with a pleasant smell as you enter the house, what kind of experience will you call that? Heavenly, right? Let’s take a look at some of the most fragrant flowers that will bring a positive energy to your life.


The highly scented Jasmine in Garden

Jasmine is one of the most commonly sought out flowers due to their wide fame. The flower is known throughout the world. It resonates a unique sweet smell. The common use of Jasmine flowers is observed in making perfumes and other cosmetics. It is also one of the commonly used ingredients in certain therapies. It is abundantly available in tropical regions around the world. The plant usually flowers in summer.

It takes around 6 months to cultivate a small plant in giving flowers. The flower is known to release the fragrance in the evening and during the nights. The aroma of the flowers is very strong and pleasant. Jasmine flower buds are known to release extra sweet fragrance than the flower itself. There are two different types of Jasmine plants, True Jasmine and False Jasmine, often differentiated by higher amounts of fragrance.

Night Jasmine


Ever wondered about the fragrance that you smell at night? Chances are, you have encountered a night jasmine flower. This is one of the most pleasant fragrant flowers, with so much aroma embedded inside its flowers that will just take you away for a heavenly ride as soon as you take a sniff of it. Commonly observed in the Asian continent, this plant has been home to many gardens. It gives a pleasant smell at night. The flowers are small and blossoms in a cluster. The fragrance can reach many distances.

Apart from the fragrance, the flowers are also considered to have medicinal properties. The flower juice is known to cure fever, inflammation, cough and cold. It also provides pain relief to disorders like arthritis and sciatica. The flowers are used for making perfumes and fragrant sticks. This flower is a must addition in your garden to enjoy its soothing fragrance at night.



Another night blooming entry on the list is the famous Tuberose flower. The flower emits a sweet, heavy smell, which makes it an ideal flower for perfumes and other aroma rich products. The plant is known to have originated from Mexico. If you are planning for having a fragrant flower in your garden, Tuberose is a surely going to grab your attention. The flower is ideally suited for warm weather conditions, hence if your garden fulfills the criteria of having the prerequisites of a perfect weathering conditions, Tuberose should be installed in your garden.

The smell of the flowers is intense, emitted through a waxy funnel shaped flower. Summer is the ideal time for such plant, when there is plenty of sunlight and warmth. The soil for cultivating the plant often requires moist soil for its growth and proper blooming. Due to its intense and attractive fragrance, it is known to have infused in many famous perfume brands. The flowers are plain white in colors, but don’t let that look sway away its importance. You will love to have this plant in your garden.



It is not about the flowers that emits a beautiful fragrant smell, it is about the ideal plants that you can grow in your garden without much hassle. Plumeria or Champa is commonly seen in tropical regions. The plant requires abundant sunlight to grow in full effect. Normally, winters are not suitable for such plants, hence it is advisable to transfer the plant in summer. However, tropical conditions are perfect for such plants so that it can grow and blossom in full glory.

Due to its immense smell and easily cultivable properties, the flowers can be easily grown in your garden without much care.



One of the most commonly heard names in the world, is the Lavender. This flower is seen in almost all products that you use. The flower is quite known for its unique properties. As commonly believed, the flower is not just available in purple color. The color range varies from pale to intense royal purple color. The new varieties of lavender are often seen in yellow, white, red etc. Due to its romantic smell, the flower is used in many products and even contain many medicinal properties. You must have this plant in your garden to resonate a beautiful aura and aroma to your house.

There are many different types of fragrant flowers in the world, which provide a distinct smell to their aroma. Some flowers blossom throughout the year, while others simply blossom at specific time of the year. The mentioned flowers are not the only fragrant flowers, but these are commonly available flowers in the world, which doesn’t require any special care or attention to raise them. Having these flowers in your garden will spread a soothing aroma in the house and everyone will be drawn to the smell of the flowers.